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09/02/15 Virtues Session 16 and 17: The Fall of the Bouvaldian Crown

Zaid Aclair - Mythic Nemesis 
Dolgrin, for the honor of the gods put down your axe.” Rydin pleaded to Dolgrin as the guards closed in around the band of heroes.

Dolgrin looked to the elf, “You ought to know me by know elf! Someone wants it? Try to take it!” the dwarf challenged the Inquisitor directly.

My good dwarf you have been deceived by your comrades, come quietly and their conspiracy will be revealed,” the Inquisitor bayed the paladin.

In the torchlight the Inquisitor’s guards dutifully gathered weapons from Kyras, the drow and Dramen who were ready to react if something were to suddenly go awry.

If you would come peacefully we can all sort this.. injustice out.” The Inquisitor again spoke with silvered words.

Dolgrin call your ‘friend’,” Kyras suggested, “could it carry your axe? We know the truth and if this man of the Duke is who he says he is, then we can expose what we found.”

You mean where we burned everything?” Dramen asked.

And like that the heroes of virtue were paraded into a Kierken Castle tower and placed under lockdown.

Hooded. Shackled. Separated in magically dug out cells we find our spells and abilities suppressed, and after about an hour and a half- it was hard to tell time underground but one thing was for certain: we had all been up for over forty-eight hours without rest.

Elsewhere in the prison we hear Corker Peralia and some other fellow cellies calling out; Corker expressed a feeling about what’s not ‘right’ with Hillshade. Soon the Inquisitor makes his presence known by calling out and then isolating Dolgrin in order to speak privately.

The conversation was more of the ‘you’ve been deceived by your companions dwarf’ and ‘do you or don’t you work for dragons’ then accusing the lot of us being in league with the Sheriff. The inquisitor was not alone during his accusations and when it was over it did not bode well for us.
Drow needs food badly!

Hours pass

Then a rope is dangled down Dolgrin’s angled shaft, Zhor was there to get us out. During our incarceration Zhor heard about our arrest and knew something was amiss. Besides not ever seeing the prisoner Okala processed, the River Baron was growing suspicious and feared that Count Keirken was a  part of it. 

We make our was to Gretcho’s where we find our equipment sans much of Denosia’s equipment specifically his hat of disguise as well as the good Sheriff Radolia, who admitted he was forced to agree to the Inquisitors incessant accusations. Zhor, along with trusted swordsmen Skelp and Strass, we learn that the Count and the Inquisitor are siblings and that he believes Count’s bride is likely behind this radical change in the Count- demonologists! The Duke must be warned.

We agree to help but first we are woefully tired from the past exploits. The Sheriff suggests a farm where there remains a salt-cellar, a perfect place for an extradimensional resting area.

After resting and discussion, we settle on a plan that utilizes Denosia’s Aunt (on his Mother’s side) as pluses for the Count’s wedding in an attempt to blend, utilizing disguises, in gaining access to the courtyard. Meanwhile Dolgrin and Syrendross would, invisibly access the castle by following Lapis into an underground entrance between the southern two towers of the castle- but would in reality just walk in behind exiting guards form the southwest tower.

In the Castle Courtyard and with many things in motion Dramen, Kyras, and Rydin notice a small ‘child’ tampering with the Duke’s battlewagon. The heroes move to intercept the child and or get the guards attention; but soon the battlewagon exploded as the child was expertly captured off the walls by Denosia, the explosion killing nearly everyone in the courtyard.

Meanwhile the dwarf and drow were making their way up to the chapel when the explosion occurred.

09/05/15 Virtues Session 17: Adult Guidance 

'porpoises scare me as much as marsupials'
We had interrupted Count Kierken’s and Inquistor Zaid’s plan and they responded by hastening their efforts. As Kyras, Dramen, Rydin (who captured the 'child'- Ardinia Delaway) recovered from the blast; and as Sheriff Radolia and Okala wage deadly battle; the focus moved to the Chapel where Dolgrin and Syrendross encountered the Duke surrounded by 'blue' guards.

Also in the Chapel were the Count, the Mythic Inquisitor Zaid Aclair, an unknown tiefling, and later Abriana and Hopkus Arcool; who, after dividing and conquering, successfully orchestrated the fall of the Bouvaldian Crown.

In the end Denosia and Sheriff Radolia perished as well as Dolgrin, Kyras, and Syrendross (shout out to Marc!) who reform moments after death in new avatar bodies on the Grebaria island. Dramen and Rydin narrowly escape Castle Kierken; and after a time they found refuge at the Dwarven Temple and the Elemental Font. We gain 3,550 Xp.

We begin next session four weeks later.

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