Monday, September 14, 2015

Forge Ahead

Dramen shook the hand of each dwarven craftsmen in turn as he handed out the portfolios. “Galeb has informed me you are the best crafters in your respective fields & your schedule has been cleared for the next three weeks. For your review these portfolios contain shift schedules, a completion timeline, and a draft of each item we will be making. Please forgive the crudeness of the drawings, I did not have time to draw them to scale or add color. Alright page one shows the schedule for each crafter.”

“Excuse me lad”, stepping forward was an older dwarf, the countless scars on his arms told Dramen he had worked the forges for over a century. “I can’t help but notice you are trying to do three months of work in three weeks? And your schedule is listed as twenty-four hour shifts, with you working every shift?

“If you will indulge me master dwarf, I can allow any crafter to work twenty-four hours without the need for food or sleep. I thought a one-day on one-day off alternating schedule would be acceptable? That would allow you time with your family’s and to attend to personal matters.”

“Son, most of my tools are older than you. As grandmaster of this forge I say each man takes a break when needed, but we all work on your schedule. We won’t be outworked in our own forge, besides if what you say is true why would we need time off? I have one last question before we begin, what are these five runes you are hiding on the base component of each of these items?” Dramen smiled as the dwarf pointed out the hidden symbology on each piece. “You need a lot more years then you got to slip something past me.”

“Good sirs, I know you have all been briefed on the unique diversity of my traveling companions. I am an orphan, and my mismatched group of friends is the only family I have ever known. Each rune represents family in the native tongue of every member of my…family. We have just suffered a devastating loss. No doubt countless innocents are going to suffer because we were not prepared. This equipment will help strengthen our position so next time we will not fail. I along with my companions thank you for the use of your forge, as well as your master craftsmanship.


Garenlock Stoningthrow observed the young wizard from a distance. His magic allowed the small team of craftsmen to physically work around the clock. He had worked with humans in the past and never had he seen one with this level of diligence. It had only been a week but the Forgemaster was starting to admire the human’s level of commitment to his companions. For what was essentially a child he fit seamlessly into the workings of the forge as if he had been here for years. The young mage didn’t yield to the stories of the other crafters, nor to the ale that was frequently passed around despite requiring the need to drink. Garenlock found himself hoping the rest of the allies were delayed, he had never enjoyed working with a human or a wizard before.  


The Forgemaster clapped Dramen on the shoulder as they admire one of the pieces they had just completed. “I told ya we would get everything done with time to spare. I am guessing you owe me that bonus we discussed? I must say that’s a fine looking piece, for an elf.

Dramen snickered at the comment, certainly something Dolgrin would say. “You were right about the emeralds, thank you for exchanging them for my rubies.” The silver arms of the headband resembled a thick tangle of briars with a pair of emeralds utilized as foliage above each eye.

“How many times do I have to tell ya, I am always right in my forge.”

“I was the one who designed the armor etchings to match.” Dramen tried to boast.”And if I recall you didn’t think we would get it all done?”

“Those etchings went without saying and I knew we could get it done, I wasn’t sure that you were up to the task. So what are we making next?” The old dwarf rubbed his hands together eager to get back to work.

“Well since you have seen fit to separate me from the remainder of my funds.” Dramen tossed a small bag of coins onto the work table as he removed the headband. “It looks like my days in your forge are done.”

“I heard you agreed to try and help navigate the gate under the college? Perhaps when you return we can make some adjustments to these pieces, or make something new?

“I would like that” Dramen said as he took Garenlock by the hand. Pulling out another small bag he passed it to the venerable dwarf. “These are a few potions of the spell we have been using. Each one last for twenty-four hours, this is how I spent the extra days you bought me. I also heard you will have a spell caster here when I return. I will also teach her this spell; I fear we may need all the weapons and armor we can get.”

“After two centuries I thought I had humans figured out. You’re a credit to your race lad; don’t let your own forge fires dwindle. Now that I have some extra coin, let’s go have a drink.”