Sunday, September 20, 2015

09/09/15 Virtues Session 19: Troglodytes of a Different Beat

Syrendross Zov
Rydin cautiously approached the cellar door being careful not to make too much noise. The magus was soberly reminded of Denosia during these type of tasks. The elf worked in silence. With Dolgrin aside him Rydin throws open the door. Beyond the opening awaited dark shapes and the now familiar scent of troglodytes.

“To arms!” intoned Dolgrin as he led the attack against the unsuspecting troglodytes.

“Make room up front.” Dramen said as he unleashed a spell just before Rydin joined the fray.

As the other companions brought their own brand of warfare upon the troglodytes, Syrendross was cautious not to expend too much magical energy, not before encountering the behirs. Around the drow swords sliced the night air and magic assaulted the troglodytes.

Standing next to Dramen, Syrendross extended a dark index finger that opened a planar rift transporting his opponent to another where. This unintended and unexpected result flooded Syrendross with intuition about a dragon heartstone.

As Dramen watched in awe, the drow learned that of course, there had to be a heartsone nearby. In Syrendross’ mind-eye he could see such a rich focus of magic, lure and enhance these troglodytes over generations into the advanced creatures they now faced. Somehow he also knew the volcano dwarves’ elemental font was also a heartstone which also meant there was one in Bouvet Keep.

“Watch your feet!” Rydin said to Dolgrin. Now that the cellar way had been cleared with the sudden transposition of one of the troglodytes Dolgrin was eager to press the attack stepping on the elf’s dainty feet in the process.

“Bhah haha!” The dwarf was indeed happy. 

Our session begins as we enter the treacherous Macron Mountains; climbing and traversing what was becoming natural landscape away from the blasted volcanic low lands. It is around this time when Dolgrin finds a newly unearthed path revealed after a minor avalanche of rock. Dolgrin’s connection to Lapis becomes stronger as the elemental eases our passage. Along the way we also see humanoids and beasts of burden in the distance as well as flying humanoids unaffected by the rigorous mountain winds.

We travel until midday to rest; it is here when we begin to feel the high altitude effects. As we rest it occurs to us (via Knowledge checks) that Behirs are snake-like magical beasts with a dozen legs, can swallow-hole, can speak common, and has a lightening breath-weapon. No events occur during the night- as a matter of fact we sleep-in an hour.

We travel henceforth and stumble upon a copse of trees that Kyras recognizes as druids work relatively near a fifty-five foot rock wall to the east. In the darkness Syrendross could see subtle movement along the sheer stone face. Kyras communes with nature in a way as to speak with some shrubbery to learn that the shadow is a kind of lizard-man upon a mount. We proceed cautiously but was eventually set upon by four troglodytes lizard-riders.

After defeating the creatures we again set our travels to the behirs and within a couple of hours we begin to see the use of animal companions watching our movements. It was not long after when we discovered a strangely out of place cottage sitting atop a cave opening. After some preliminary detections we enter the cave to find a manticore magically manacled to the cave. We decide not to disturb the beast, obviously someone’s battle mount, or investigate the cave further. We turn our attention to the cottage, begin to walk the rough path up to the cottage when a feeling of evil strikes Dolgrin as Syrendross receives a cautionary warning from his host personality Shar that this is not the time for ‘this’- meaning the cottage. There was an unknown association with a drow here. After Dramen commits this location to memory we continue to climb on.

We eventually reach a point where we must eschew the horses and travel on foot. Here we begin to feel some altitude sickness, but nothing to roll dice about. Traveling we avoid some troglodytes here and there until finally we come to an abandoned hamlet that now seem occupied by the troglodytes. Kyras identifies a slithering path as well as claw marks indicating the passage of at least one bahir. We agree to take a short break for a few hours to wait for dawn.
At last we begin to search through the ruins and find a cellar door, and after opening we discover three well equipped troglodytes. After sending one to another plan and two to the afterlife we progress into the cellar to discover a labyrinth of large natural caverns, tunnels and burrowed openings. The deeper we went the larger it became accommodating dozens of troglodytes. 

We find ancient leavings as we travel; once such discovery was a secret compartment that the Eye used. It was an old Eye brand but the compartment held an old high-ranking ring of the Eye, three scrolls, as well as three masterwork gemstones ready for enchantment. We intuit that the dragon’s lair was one of the Eye’s bastions of knowledge.

We eventually happen into a large cavern where treasure is literally piled into corners and along the walls. We hear and then see two ogres picking through the treasure, past the ogres we finally see one of the behirs spiraled around a subterranean column, and beyond the cavern narrows into a passage that opens into a chamber populated by many troglodytes. We hide in magical darkness to avoid detection as Dramen attempts to charm the ogres.

The attempt fails and all hell is about to break lose. 

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