Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Monitor

Shar Auvryndar opened his lavender eyes, awakened from his reverie by a strong discordant ripple a world away; the highborn drow no longer required sleep but would frequently meditate on the universe and the cosmic vibrations both magical and mundane. A sensation, not unlike a minor jolt of electricity brought the Monitor from his meditative state and with it came a vision from a distant world.

Syrendross had perished; Shar could see through his mind’s eye the form of his avatar falling from a high chapel ceiling still reeling from a lightning bolt. In an instant Shar saw the peril at hand but was helpless to intervene, or was he? Smendric neglected to reveal this side-effect of plan, or maybe the Traveler did not know all.

Focusing his energies on Syrendross, Dolgrin, and Kyras, Shar transported many of fallen avatars’ magical items to the sanctuary island on Grebaria and out of enemy hands. He was not able to transport everything and Shar doubted if he ever would, but he would be more alert to these ripples in the universe to offer what aid he can. 

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