Sunday, September 13, 2015

Z’hind-del Syrendross: Fourth Entry, Day Seventy Eight

Levitating cross-legged fifty or so feet above my companions, I looked down upon the drunken sleeping man lying on the guard tower remnant. My cowl covered my head from the noon-day sun but I took no special care to hide my heritage, I wanted this man to understand the full depth of the situation before him.

The sound of water splashing just beyond must have lulled the man to sleep. I watched quietly and listened to the guttural sounds coming from the man's belly; at this I decided this was no longer a man but an aspect of sloth. It did not matter what he said this creature would have to die in order to see the greater good achieved. I decided it should be me to take his life, burden myself murdering this man to spare my friends the distasteful act. Death in the battlefield was one thing we all agreed, but this case was different. 

Having died and remembering much of Shar's ancient life and the first time he was forced to kill someone outside of the battlefield. I was oddly comforted at this, surreal in the presence of such a waste of a life. We will come across other facets of sin and sloth is only one; and here in the light of the day, under the sun my host helped bring about I choose the greater good and draw my original dagger, readying it and see that the dagger was Shar's all along. 

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