Sunday, September 27, 2015

09/23/15 Virtues Session 20: Aegis of the Ages

“Look Gerdo a drow,” Kerkenilin said to his slow-witted companion. The two ogres were busy gathering tribute for their giant leader but were soon distracted by the sounds of mortal combat.

“Do you think the giant king wants a drowie elf?” bumbled Gerdo speaking aloud earning a club against the side of his prodigious head.

“No you fool, the drow are sly creatures if we side with him then maybe we can bring King Macron word of an alliance as well as treasure for the giant.” Kerkenilin said over the sounds of battle beyond.

Although the two ogres had not entered the chamber beyond, the clamor of the fray reached their dull ears nonetheless.


“Friendship you fool, now take up your weapon dumb-ass and let's help the drow.”

Our session begins in the chaos of combat against the Behirs and the advanced troglodytes; the battle was well fought and when the smoke cleared we proved victorious earning our third mythic tier.

We discovered a fossilized dragon (regarded as the Sage Dragon) in the chamber that lead down to what we learned was the Aegis of Ages, a repository of knowledge for the evil faction of the Eye before the Dawning. Arcane runes and sigils lined the walls of the fossil as well as the spinal steps that lead to the heartstone. Dragon heartstones come from evil dragons while elemental fonts are from virtuous dragons.

During our descent each of us felt an awakening connection to our Avatars, similar to dying as some of us have already experienced. During this time Kyras is filled with the knowledge that the entirety of the Evening Isles itself falls under his protectorate, that all the isles are his druidic domain.

We are naturally overwhelmed with all these works and going through the repository to understand the Ways will necessitate time. This world was at first a pocket dimension and that some of these works were aimed to prepare this plane for the Abyss or Hell. This dark influence of that time naturally attracted creatures through the Ways, sometimes monsters and at other times Portal People. It was soon realized that whoever controls this information could most greatly affect the rules that govern the magical that encompass this world.

Both dragon factions are looking for this place; the dragons of sin, to likely propel this world to the lower planes while the dragons of virtue would see the coming of a monotheistic Creator.

We discussed spending two weeks to a month here, but a month was likely too long as we would like to prevent the coronation of the Count as the new Duke at Bouvet Keep.

We recover 50,000 gp each in treasure as well as two potions of each level first through third mythic level as well as 4,200 exp.
Some of the gear not spoken for:
Amulet of mighty fists +1
(2) Belt of giant strength +2
(3) Cloak of resistance +1
Monks robe
Rod of cancellation
Staff of Tricks
Robe of arcane heritage
Studded leather +3
Drow hand crossbow +2 (w. 6 command undead bolts +1)
Wand of bears endurance (6 charges)
Cloak of Fangs
Ring of Swarming Stabbs
Ring of Jumping
Masterwork chain shirt

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