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06/10/15 Virtues Session 6: The Eagle Has Landed

Near the couple, the Halfling was urging the two horse team along and into open waters when Achdril asked Iadryn, “It should have happened by now, we should not have reached this far out.”

Damn Sneegs,” Iadryn said under his breath as the couple moved to one of the wagons. 

The tar smell of the Sneegs was potent even with scented stuffing, it was the one thing they hoped would not give the Sneegs away not until they had the jump on their marks. Trying not to attract attention the couple began a casual inspection of the wagons and quickly realized the problem.

“The ropes are too tight.”

“What? All of them?”

It was just then one of the marks; a dwarf approached the edge of the ferry and began to relieve himself, the two conspirators fell silent while behind them the one known as Papa Sneeg began to move in short fits trying to escape his wagon.

Alarmed at how far from Gibraltar they are Iadryn said, “Cut this one loose and meet me at the front of the ferry with the token, I will free the rest of the Sneegs. This is going to be bad for Radrust. ”

Our session begins early Wednesday, disembarking from Gibraltar on Radrust’s Ferry for passage to Tingis a haven for scum and villainy. Marveling at Radrust’s automation of his ferry we notice four heavily laden wagons with horses, and a couple (later learned to be Achdril and Iadryn Mortant) conversing to themselves.

Our outlet into the ocean felt a bit uncontrolled; but Radrust expertly guided the ferry into the currents as the horses worked and pulled. The Halfling moved about between his wheel and the horses, feeding and talking to the animals.

As we enter open waters Kyras realizes the odor he detected earlier was tar, just as Papa Sneeg and three other Sneegs finally worked their way from their Trojan-wagons. As the battle was joined Achdril and Iadryn Mortant pulled blades against Radrust warning him to stand down, this action by known associates would later unsettle Halfling ferry-master. 

When the battle was ended Papa Sneeg was confirmed dead while the three other Sneegs either jumped overboard as was the case for one or were deposited into the salty seas unconscious. We search and find some potions on Papa Sneeg (distributed*) as well as stuffing that was employed to complete the ruse.

Radrust explains his agreement between the Mortant’s and after further inquiries we discover Radrust knows our (Captain’s Zilinias’) contact in Tingis, a character by the name of Belac. He was described as fat and well-dressed, always in a hurry, and is our way of selling the Sneeg wagons.

Me Rudder!
Unfortunately during the battle Radrust was incapacitated, this allowed the ferry to voyage off course and ram into a wrecked ship damaging his ferry’s rudder. He wanted to take the ferry to shore to inspect and repair the damage on the African side of the straight. 

Coming up on shore we fought off electric eels, goblins, and beach dogs and soon afterward were off to the sea again, but Radrust was keen on keeping the shore close. This eventuality will set us back a day and comes with the danger from the coastal ruins of previous Tingis structures.

A storm begins to gather about an hour later as Radrust navigates through the tall offshore stone islands; some of us see further ahead several ships also taking precautions against the storm. Lightning flashes and Radrust suddenly goes pale- “Make for Land- if it smells the horses we are finished!”

Emerging from the storm clouds came the unsated dragon; acid clouds rained down as the dragon destroyed two ships, sinking five in all. What followed was a tense hour as Radrust took us into the storm regardless of damage to his ferry. Finally reaching a lagoon near a couple of fairly sturdy ruins we flee to a two story structure and Radrust stays in the hold with his horses.
Balloon Lander One

Rydin finds a ledger of simple numbers and realizes the building is in use by two groups of perhaps twenty. We secure the building and await the storm, but before too long we notice a group of orcs, duergar driving a half dozen slaves to the shore.

The battle taxed us to the very limit taking place around the structure and then at the shore as we tried to escape, but in the end Dolgrin and Rydin died their forms falling like skin-bags. When all seemed lost Techarius, Commander of Balloon Lander One descended from the turbulent sky to scatter the slavers and rescue us from certain doom.

We were awarded with enough XP to attain third level and our first mythic tier. 

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