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06/03/15 Virtues Session 5: The First to go Last

Dolgrin Ironshield
Stretching their legs after the successful execution of returning Rhios Ranoughy’s Landskipper, Dolgrin and Dramen stepped lightly in the late morning hour.

Wait,” Dramen said to his dwarven friend. “I think I hear Teneel speaking…

Slowly they crept until voices began to clarify. On the other side of the Captain and Teneel’s Silo suite, both of the young adventurers could indeed hear a strange exchange between the two Overwrought officers.

Say again my dear.” Zilinias Marks was saying questioningly to his wife.

It was back on the Evening Isles, you have just forgotten,” Teneel replied casually.

But my dreams…” Zilinias said somewhat irritated at himself.

Let them go,” Answered his wife followed by a soft smack of a kiss. 

In the hallway Dramen and Dolgrin exchanged questioning looks, “The Captain has faults in his memory too?”

Our session begins just before 5 pm as we prepare for our task of retrieving Rhios Ranoughy’s Landskipper from the Sneegs. Accompanying us would be Teneel along with a few Redshirts and the human sorcerer Beasly who would join the fight along with us. During the night we captured the feel of the life and flow of the city including a house bard on Tuesday night. Just before midnight Teneel and the redshirts would depart to retrieve the small boat she would use to board the Landskipper when we capture it and Beasly would aid with counter spells and aids.

Midnight saw the five of us defeat Ghaurni Sneeg, and the capture of Beunt and Rileg Sneeg. An elf-born called Nyshskel on the battle field jumped overboard and was allowed to escape to honor our prior agreement that we would not murder, but deaths on the battlefield are sometimes unavoidable. We successfully captured the Landskipper in forty-eight seconds.

As Teneel and the redshirts were navigating the Landskipper to the proper side of Gibraltar’s bay, Rydin discovers and opens the concealed hold. Inside was plunder as well as a master work trident with demonic religious symbols of Dagon. We confiscated the treasure but left behind Rhios’ cannon powder as well as the evil-looking spear.

Before Teneel left we gifted her with a anchor feather token as well as an aquatic cummerbund. As she was rowing away Syrendross, Rydin, and Kyras traveled to the Ranoughy Estate while Dramen and Dolgrin remained on the Landskipper with the prisoners.

Aran Ranoughy
1:30 am. The guards at the Ranoughy estate were not very receptive but after a time we were met with Aran Ranoughy who informs us “Father is ill, but he was prepared to reward us.”

After that ominous statement we take him to where his father’s Landskipper is berthed and we were once again reunited. Aran Ranoughy was good to his father’s word and would increase Rydin and Dramen’s tier status at the Grand Eye Affairs as well as the bonus that we all distributed evenly among ourselves.

4 am we arrive back at the Silo to rest and recover.

Later that morning Dolgrin and Dramen head out to the Longhouse to barter off our recovered plunder (80% of its value), and to purchase potions, tattoo ink, and fine rum for the crew of the Overwrought Companion. They also hear murmurings of individuals asking about passage to the Evening Isles or where the islands could be. But before Dolgrin and Dramen left the Silo they overheard a strange conversation between Teneel and the Captain, and then later at the Longhouse they see Teneel talking with Peryf and Zodra Baxter.

Back at the Silo Dolgrin and Dramen rejoin their friends as well as the irritating and tenacious Torphine Athraky who quickly wears out his welcome.

My friends, I have a great opportunity for us. See, we get paid to sail a ship to Tingis and when we arrive, we get to find some way back to Gibraltar.”

I’m tired of his voice and EVERYTHING about him!” (Kyras shows us his druidic rage power.) 

It was quickly tabled and then agreed upon that we would spend 6 silver pieces each for a round-trip ferry to Tingis. The look on Torphine’s face… priceless. 

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James Caruso said...

Syrendross purchases: 100 gp in black ink, a potion of cure light wounds, 2 potions of shield of faith, and a potion of hide from undead.