Monday, June 1, 2015

Samvori Motivates Rynocia

Onnnnkkkkkkkkkk” Samvori bleated his words in a high pitched gibberish completely unintelligible to most non- Duergar as he and the ogre’s woman entered the lobby of Baxter’s Recoveries.

“I have hurried you little tyrant! I can’t hurry the Baxters!” Rynocia whisper shouted at the small creature trailing behind her, clearly understanding his mewling. 

onk onk ONKKKKKKKKKKK” the grimy creature threatened, “ONNKKKKKKKKK. Blick ONNNK”

“I need to be able to concentrate long enough to fill out the bill of lading and speak with their agent, a few moments of silence pleaseeeee arghhhh!” Rynocia’s instructions were interrupted by the electoral jolt her slave collar delivered knocking her to the floor.  Samvori her Duergar master brandishing a golden disk and smiling malevolently over her, Rynocia grew silent and stood, quickly filling out the bill of lading. 

Entering the lobby from the back stairs Zodra Baxter was almost caught staring at bizarre appearance of Rynocia, whose normally sloppy and ugly appearance was overcome by her hair, drawn and strung straight out as if greased into spikes.  Catching herself staring, Zodra forced a smile and took the crudely written bill from Rynocia who remained quiet.  Zodra gave the bill a perfunctory glance, smiling at the ugly woman while explaining, “My brother has inspected the delivery and agrees you have successfully delivered the bounty,” before sliding over a small leather pouch full of coins.

Grime covered thick fingers slid over the counter snatching the leather pouch of coins while dragging Rynocia away from the counter and out the door. Zodra watched the strange dirt covered dwarf and ugly giant woman leave thinking how strange they both had acted which reminded Zodra of other strange bounty hunters they had worked with through the years.  

Zodra tossed the bill of lading in the daily receipts box.  The note Rynocia had hastily scribbled would go unread until Zodra’s brother asked her about it when finalizing receipts at close of business that evening. “Zodra? Zodra? Did you see this?  Peryf Baxter was running up the stairs into his sister’s apartment, the bill gripped in his hand.  Zodra stepped into the hall as her brother hurried to her and looked down at the paper, the symbol for danger and the word HELP staring back at her.

Peryf & Zodra Baxter


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