Monday, June 8, 2015

Dramen journal entry Tingis

Dramen sat quietly as the ferry glided through the strait on its way to Tingis. He thought it best to stay out of site should any pirates decide to make a run at the small craft. He had managed to squeeze into a cubby created by a barrel of fresh water & several bags the Halfling had loaded just prior to casting off.

Though his eyes never strayed from the pages of his spellbooks, he had trouble focusing on the spells they contained. His conscience had been troubling him since they had agreed to take the ferry to Tingis. Even though his arcane training had taught him to be diligent in all his endeavors, he could not get the thought of the rotund Rynocia out of his mind. If Torphine was correct and she was in fact being forced to serve the duergar, something had to be done.

We would have certainly taken her help against the Sneegs. However since things fell together without her, he feared his comrades have pushed her gelatinous form from their minds. Should we allow someone to suffer due to their physical differences? I am sure Syrendross would be the first to stand against that form of prejudice. It seems even more unjust to condemn her because of Kyras’ dislike of Torphine.

He knew Dolgrin would leap at the opportunity to move against the dark dwarves. But was unclear what the rest of his companions would think. He wanted to discuss the situation with his friends, but that task was not before them currently. He wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity to please his new captain & the lady Teneel. Retrieve the letter of marque & the stolen necklace from Tingis. All other distractions needed to be forced from his mind. He turned his focus on the task at hand; perhaps Rynocia could be discussed on the return trip.              

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