Monday, June 8, 2015

All It Takes For Evil To Flourish

Athecia couldn’t stop her tears when she and the dozens of other slaves were lead into the stone room.  The Tuskers had all of them surrounded, herding the slaves into the long room, before departing through the rear door to the upper chambers.  Athecia realized what the other slaves had not, their only connection to each other was that they didn’t sell at the slaver’s market; Athecia feared whatever fate this Duergar clan had in store for them.  


In a matter of minutes the chamber grew completely dark the only sounds the noises the slaves were making, petty arguments for personal space breaking out.  Then the wave of screams began, Athecia looking blindly to the front of the chamber where the screams originated when the fear hits her, mind numbing irrational fear.  Athecia the slave could hear her own voice yelling out for salvation, her last thoughts panicked sobbing and retching along with the dozens of others overwhelmed by the draconic presence fast approaching.  Stone gears groan lowering the stone wall ahead of them briefly revealing the night’s sky before the huge maw of the dragon enters the stone room and begins to feed. 

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