Monday, June 22, 2015

You must understand that the touch of your hand makes my pulse react

“Thereg, I appreciate how much you enjoy administering the torture, but you must understand that the precise method is very important for my procedures.” Danormi Asturi reminded his hobgoblin servant.  The cavern chamber reeked of excrement, urine, blood, and fear.  “For the ceremony to work properly, their death and dismemberment must be precise.”
Thereg & Danormi Asturi
The hobgoblin bared his teeth for what would pass as its version of a smile while wrapping himself in his serpent, “Please show me the way again.” Danormi really didn’t have time to waste on instructions again but could not resist the temptation, his eyes sweeping over the remaining eight women, before deciding on the largest of the eight, the widow Markeave. 

Thereg seemed especially excited by his masters choice, “She’s got big bones!” which Danormi understood to mean she could take a lot of punishment.  Smiling grimly the abyssal priest Danormi knew he would have to supervise the remaining sessions if he wanted to get the maximum return on the remaining widows’ organs.