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05/27/15 Virtues Session 4: Docks 23 - 28

On the deck of the Sneeg yacht, what they hoped was the Landskipper, the heroes were once again together, but this meager ship paled in comparison to the Overwrought Companion. The acrid smell of tar burned their senses and caused many eyes to water.

This smell is never going to come out of these clothes.” Dramen lamented to his companions.

Below the companions on the dock Papa Sneeg appeared to be hand choosing his crew for tomorrow’s trip to Tingis.

Ahoy mates,” Rydin wryly greeted Kyras and Syrendross who just returned from the Silo. “I was able find a magically concealed hold below.” Rydin said in a quite tone. “It's unclear if it is large enough to hold barrels of cannon powder, but it is a good sign we have found the Landskipper.”

It is very well then,” Kyras said agreeably. “Captain Zilinias is pulling together half dozen sailors to help us abscond with the ‘ipper.”

Appears as if Papa Sneeg is doing the same thing,” Dolgrin observed. “And what in the nine hells….?

Everyone stopped and looked in the direction the dwarf was indicating and saw the earthy and girthy Rynocia the Ex. She stood a little tall for a human female, “No way she’s only human,” someone intoned; her thighs were like earth-works, she bore two stone white slabs for breasts that tottered below a dumb moon-like face that excited the men of the Sneeg clan.

Rynocia my fair lady!” it was Torphine who’s squeal could be heard all the way to dock number twenty-nine. “Have I got an opportunity for you!”

Our session begins on the way to the church of Zeus and instead discover a cathedral reminiscent of ancient architecture using carved and colored stone from the mines to accent its beauty. Zeus was portrayed as a natural force, an overgod of sky and earth and order. We have with us four survivors that were in need of healing and are soon taken in by Aldem, who did not come across as greedy at all but overly helpful when he identified us as a means to an end- adventurers to attain more valued stone.

As we were given the public tour we see a multi-functional hospice areas in the church as well as private administrative area in what was originally a Dwarven structure in ancient times. But as we walk each of us come to terms about what divine entity calls to our hearts in one way or another: Dramen, at peace with his unique philosophies; Kyras, the green mother; Rydin, calls to mind the elven pantheon but was not overly religious, Dolgrin, the Dwarven overgod Clangeddin; and Syrendross, an deity of air, and winds.

We explain to Aldem our desire to discover some of our past and after a time the Zeus priest had a solution and to accompany him to his personal apartment (away from the red-tape of the cathedral). But before all that, we retell of our battles in the mines which interests him greatly. Aldem asserts that his price for his skills is in fact rare stone from the mine, but we tell him it is unlikely that we contract out to the mines again. He laments the churches regulations that monitor how much rare stone one receives, he hoped we could deliver more to him off the books.

Nevertheless we come to a consensus to find out the name of the world Rydin, Syrendross, Dolgrin, and Dramen are from, assuming we are from another world. Aldem’s solution was to contact a planar ally.

After ceremonial candles are arranged, scrolls are read, and symbols drawn the Aaismar Cherike answers Aldem’s call, a supernaturally beautiful celestial to whom Aldem seemed quiet smitten with. Upon posing our question, Cherike asks for an item personal from us: Syrendross his journal, Rydin his scabbard, Kyras his flute, Dolgrin his original studded leather armor, and Dramen his spell component pouch. Successful observations reveal Cherike had a sincere interest in our plight and shall return as soon as worldly possible.

We thank Aldem and return to our accommodations at the Silo after a long day. The next morning we are aroused by a gathering of miners, men and woman dwarves who came to thank us with their life savings in rare stone. This offering was immediately refused by Dolrgin in a generous act of Virtue.

Today we focus on information gathering on the Sneeg clan of giant-blooded humanoids, particularly a woman named Rynocia as well as attending the reading at the Palerium.

Discussing our plans the Silo innkeeper, Nyswor freely offered some helpful information. The slope that dominates Gibraltar also determines the city’s districts based on the strength of the earth. He reports the Sneeg clan controls tar pits (beware tar-worms) near Tingis and happens to control docks 23-28 on the weak side of the slope.

As we prepare to head out for the day Aldem of Zeus arrives to report Cherike’s findings. It is her belief that we are collectively from this world, from an old chain of islands three miles off the east coast of the Evening Isles called Grebaria. But mystery surrounds what happen to the duchy after the Isles broke away. Furthermore Cherike says she was not alone in researching us, but offered no other details.

At the Palerium we are treated to a positive environment for creativity and exploration; areas for private study or instruction as well as areas for wider audiences as was the case for Archmage Endroth Rynmund’s lecture. Torphine was in attendance as well as the book we wanted translated/dictated.

Endroth Rynmund’s lecture was based around texts and rituals centered on sin magic and that there must be the same for virtuous magic but physical proof has yet to be discovered. During the closing of the seminar a gnome proceeds to argue with the Archmage but eventually storms off, he was then followed by Dolgrin.

Introducing ourselves to the Archmage Endroth, he seems to recognize Dramen and eventually identifies Syrendross as a drow. We humbly ask for access to some of the city’s libraries; he offered to assign us student aids to help us in our research. He eventually unlocks the Book of Harms for Torphine, who can how assess its value on the market. Dramen inquires about memory recovery or restoration magic to which the Archmage mentions some ‘great magic’ but practicality forbids such practice. Before we part ways Syrendross leaves a comment card thanking the Archmage for his aid and discretion.
Elsewhere Dolgrin tracked down the gnome and asked about the reason behind his obvious distress. The gnome, Awiss explains there is a process in these rituals Archmage Endroth spoke about. Awis wants that information shared so that the ‘missing component’ can be identified. Awiss however, grudgingly abides the Archmage’s choice on the matter.

After rejoining we investigate the Sneeg clan along the docks where we encounter a smelly lagoon. In places barrels of tar were stored, some slowly burning; working the bays were three large-tall tar covered humanoids. The repertoire did not produce positive results so we retreated to a dive called the Bottom of the Damn. Here we find fish to eat and find out that Rynocia is on a yacht called Sterom Caller and should be in later this evening; furthermore we are pointed to docks 23-28.

These auspicious bays were occupied with uncomely Sneeg workers retrofitting ships, some purposely covered with tar. As we proceed we are called upon by ‘Papa Sneeg’ who begins a spiel in an attempt to sell us one of the boats. The curious sales-Sneeg explained it takes twelve Sneegs to operate this vessel in question across the straight and back in about two days. The brief tour allowed most of the group to get the layout of what we believe is the Land Skipper. No secret holds are discovered at first glance but as the group is getting the tour Syrendross levitates over the side of the ship to recover a broken wooden plank with the characters “ipper” on it.

We leave to find a Grand Eye Affairs representative to deliver a message to Ranoughy about his Landskipper along with the piece of driftwood and wait. A response came reminding us it was our job for full recovery.

We formulated a plan and returned to Papa Sneeg to schedule the trip Papa Sneeg advertised: the Sneeg Ghaurni agreed to waive his captain’s fees in exchange for a share in any recoveries along the way. Unknown to him we aim to steal the ship tonight. As Dolgrin, Dramen, and Rydin wait for the arrival of Rynocia and the Sterom Caller Rydin does find a magically concealed hold in the 'Ipper. Syrendross and Kyras travel to the Silo to arrange a meeting with the Captain Zilinias.

The Captain puts out a call for six volunteers to help us, as long as they are guaranteed to not see combat, to assemble for our mission after dusk. Reunited again just as Sterom Caller, a yacht littered with duergar arrives to port. Rynocia was ugly and wide; while she disembarks Rynocia verbally rebuffs cat-calls from the many Sneegs as, traveling unseen with the wake of her filth, was a wispy duergar.

Just as we were about to act we hear the familiar voice of Torphini who tries to act cute for the lady, but like the cat-callers he was not given heed as she excuses herself into a Grand Eye Affairs building. 

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