Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rinard Estate in Mailise Tar

Lorish Rinard 
“Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you are right, and these CELESTIALS, are truly benevolent, only with the best of intentions, then that is all I will discover.  If you are wrong, and their best intentions aren’t the choices we would make, you will thank me for having our agent aboard with your good Captain.” Lorish Rinard was speaking rapidly, passionately, “Certainly if there are celestials it implies that there are Infernals? Where are they in their grand scheme?”

Lyeilia sighed frustrated with her father’s cynicism and paranoia, “Then why didn’t you confide in Zilinias instead of planting one of your agents aboard his ship?” 

Lorish snorted at her comment, “Ship? More like a balloon, you would be wise to remember that spies are usually someone in a position of trust.  Zilinias’ current route depends upon good relations with at least one of the saintly scales, I couldn’t chance the good captain or any of his crew revealing our suspicions.”

Lyeilia refrained from responding and left her father in his den with the tea she had brought him.  Wryly she thought to herself how right her father was about spies in position of trust.  It wasn’t Zilinias whose loyalties lay with the dragons, it was his only daughter.  

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