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05/06/15 Virtues Session 1: Secret Weapons

What Kind of Wizards am I With?” Kyras asked worriedly, below the druid was the vastness of the ocean, above him was the flying skiff and spear throwing pirates.

First level ones…” Dramen said laughing as he summoned his eagle.

Wizards who rely on their equipment.” Syrendros said with a wry grin as the drow threw out a bag of marbles at a pirate causing him to plummet hundreds of feet overboard...

Early Morning: Our session began at the beginning of our third week aboard the Overwrought Companion after they had rescued us from an island. It is still unclear if we were shipwrecked on the lsland, but one thing is sure that when we begin all but Rydin Meirdarel had gained their sea-legs. The rest of us, no longer sea/air-sick, were relatively free to wander the Companion where we can appreciate the marvel of the flying ship; the balloons, the seamstresses, and the working lifestyle aboard the Overwrought Companion.

While on the bridge that morning, some of us made nice with Beasley an indentured servant on his last year. He claims that his sister is locked away by an agent of a duke who accepted Beasley for three years to spare his sister’s life. We never found out how the Overwrought Companion and this agent of the Duke are connected.
Half-orc sky-pirates!
As we made small talk, learning we are two-weeks out from our next destination, Tinquai the Strix flew in, landed, and asked for the Captain immediately. After a lot of ship activity we were called to Captain Zilinias’ war meeting with Tinquai, Teneel Marks, Techarius, and other security teams to plan a defense. There are two other flying ships following us- pirates. Each of them appear like raised shipwrecks powered by elemental magic, and Tinquai states that the smaller of the two is armed with burning pitch and is likely a ramming ship.

Food and beverages are provided to us, Beasley and the officers explain that before a battle a meal is served incase supplies are lost. Tinquai reports that he found where the island the pirates come from, an island the Overwrought Companion had flown over before and were waiting for our return trip; they are a half-mile behind us- they will be close enough to attack in two hours. His assessment of the island was that it was densely populated with half-orcs, orcs, ogres and some minotaurs.

We sat patiently listening to Captian Zilinias’ plan: they have a secret weapon in the smaller ramming ship, so too do we have a secret weapon- and with that revelation we understood our job: take out the ramming ship before they attack. The Captain would let us use the ship’s magical belt of Overland Flight (8 hour duration, Oldacia doubles its speed), Beasley steps in for the ailing Rydin, and we are allowed to prepare. Teneel gives us each one CLW potions, a wand of Bless to Kyras, mage armor to Dramen and Syrendross, and other things for Dolgrin. During this time we were all visited with feelings of being watched, Syrendross brings this phenomenon up to his friends and to be wary of scrying.

9 AM.: An hour later we flew out to much cheers and blessings to ‘the one lord.’ We take a half-hour to get used to flying (fly skill unlocked) before we commit to an attack. The first ship turns out to be a yacht-sized flying shipwreck with long poles and spears extended out in front of the ship, these poles supported a wide blue sail that served as camouflage for frontal assaults, the supporting ship(s) trailing behind to hide their numbers.

Dolgrin spots the trailing ramming ship, a skiff more than a ship it was smaller than its leader holding less than a dozen half-orc pirates, it looked like a shorn off lower half of a ship with four barrels of burning pitch chained together on its flat surface.

Syrendros had a plan. Take crowbars he and Dolgrin have to weaken the floor under the barrels enough that they fall through the floor; even if we failed to stop the ram, it take the fire out of the battle. The plan worked as eagles were summoned, marbles were used, elementals were fought, and a lone half-orc was saved, as we successfully defeated the half-orc pirates’ secret weapon.  

The half-orc’s name is Hatleck, he wagered his life for a cache of gold he knows about back on his island. He was soon disappointed however as he realized we were not going to island of densely populated half-orcs but what was worse for him was that he was to be taken to the Overwrought Companion. As Dolgrin, Beasley and Kyras carried Hatleck to the Companion, Dramen and Syrendros separated from them to look for recovered valuables.

Found: +2 bracers of armor, 4 masterwork daggers, 5 masterwork leather armor and skullcap-goggles
(bomber jackets and goggles), 3 light crossbows, 5 tanglefoot bags, 5 antitoxins and as many javelins and spears the two of us could carry.

After an hour of flying back we find the Overwrought Companion, just as the other pirate ship was in full retreat (with an 800’ burst of speed).

The battle was followed by congratulations and revelry; the Captain assures us that at our next port he will secure for us an equivalent of 100 golds each.

Later that day Dramen talked to the tall elf Essaugh, whose team would have dealt with the ramming-ship but stayed on the Companion to aid in its defense. Dramen offers his scroll scribing services while on the Companion in exchange for supplies. While his own supplies are dwindling Essaugh does supply enough for Dramen to write four scrolls. Essaugh inquires about Syrendros the drow to which Dramen informs the elf that the drow is also a wizard and is his best friend. This intrigued the elf.

Meanwhile Kyras and Syrendros visited the half-orc Hatleck in the brig. The half-orc pirate was still on his hopes of seeing his island home but was not forthcoming with Kyras as to the location of the gold Hatleck wagered his life for. Syrendros asked Hatleck about the recovered bracers enough to identify the magic item. Kyras presses him about his island: the island where he comes from was part of a great island chain connected with the Evening Isles. The Evening Isles broke away and drifted west centuries ago leaving behind a broken series of islands, theirs was a prison island north of Balvadia.

We begin next session later that afternoon.

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