Saturday, May 23, 2015

05/20/15 Virtues Session 3: Dungeoneering 101

The five companions walked deeper into the dwarven stone mines. Along the walls at irregular intervals lanterns hung that illuminated the worked tunnel. The mines had a strange odor that reminded Dolgrin of oil, metal and a strange taste of decay. Coming upon a three way intersection the five friends considered their course while continuing their conversation from earlier.

I don’t understand how are you going to cauterize a wound if you do not possess a torch?” Kyras asked the Syrendross. “with your crowbar?” The druid’s tone was one of incredulity but his eyes betrayed his  playfulness.

But Syrendross did not immediately respond, the drow was thinking back to his sense of Deja -vu when he first stepped into the mines. He felt a strange comfort here feeling the walls, the firm stone under his feet, and the sardonic words of his friends.

If I need a torch Kyras I’ll use one of Dramon’s.” Syrendross said with a grin as if the answer was obvious.

Torwar Darild 
Our session begins on the way to the mines, where we pass a wagon with two injured survivors of the dangers now lurking in the dwarven stone mines. Working our way down the bowl of the mines we see exotic mining equipment as well as a dozens of dwarves and humanoids toiling the marble from the rich stone.

Just as the shadow of dusk fell upon the mine we come to the foreman’s hut, where we encounter another injured individual bandaged and in better shape than the two who were carted away.

Inside the foreman’s small hut we find maps and notes and other papers necessary for Torwor Darild to oversee the mines. After inquiring about the help wanted in exchange for indulgences at the church of Zeus, Torwor explains that these giant ants are making the mines unstable causing cave-ins that have cut off individuals and have made working hazardous. He suspects they have a nest nearby and have been encountered in groups of one to two. Two groups have gone in ahead of us: one group have brought proof (antenna) while the other group had met with disaster.

After formalities we descend further into the mines fighting giant ants as well as soldier ants of unusual size. Along the way Syrendross had a sharp memory- standing in a chamber with other drow loading up giant ants as beasts of burden because the house was under attack, drow were fleeing and in the vision Syrendross was referred to as Shar.

During our brief adventure below we were able to rescue the trapped individuals and retrieved several drow items that were secured to the giant ants with light-proof silk webbing. We divided the spoils except two things that were retrieved from what was likely a dire rat- Ratatouille got away however. Secured on the rat-mount were fine items a rider would have as well as papers from a drow house stating their intent to occupy one of the abandoned mines.  The second was a ring that could prove to be most helpful in uncovering our past.

Seeing now that Torwor Darild has more to worry about than a nest of giant ants we travel back to the foreman’s hut to report our findings about the coming drow. He rewards us five hundred gold for the bad news, the injured survivors and honors his debt for our petition to the church of Zeus. We also receive our second character level. 

We begin next session taking the injured survivors with us to the church of Zeus. 

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