Monday, April 21, 2008

Video News


This is the latest in a long string of shocking video’s coming to surface from all over the world. People? With seemingly superhuman gifts doing what heretofore was believed impossible.

PLAY 1 Minute Video:

Scene 1: Man of obvious middle eastern descent crushing stone in his hands, later footage shows him awash in flame but unharmed.

Scene 2: A woman transforms into a watery shape before your eyes, her children visible through her, behind her their faces looking upon her in awe.

Scene 3: Video footage of something moving at high velocity through the city streets of New York, soldiers falling after it passes. Video is slowed showing former speedster with a gun, killing soldiers.

Scene 4: A man leaps from Big Ben in London, the pavement envelopes him like a glove and then he emerges from the stone unharmed.

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