Thursday, April 17, 2008

Window into the past

(Jessie) I accepted responsibility for Luis and the Pfister, but I would not accept their fates. Not when I believed it was in the realm of possibility that I could do something about it. After all they wouldn't have been on the entropy in the first place if it wasn't for me (as for the Egyptians... well that was the US Government's fault). How did I repay? I rendered them powerless.

I understand that somethings couldn't be avoided, but I knew; the longer I waited, the harder it would be to rescue them- and maybe end the threat of the assassins. If you could help our team leader and a fellow dying hero, how could you not? Sam's blind refusal to help leads me to assume that he will not help in the times to come- that is his choice.

My choice to help Percy was rooted in my own need to remedy a mistake. I couldn't deny him his resolutions, without discounting my own guilt. I, nor Percy wish to change history (again that is our US Government), I just want to return the individuals that were lost to the ages. Perhaps I may return my brother to the present, after all I was responsible for his well being before the World changed forever.

I do NOT plan on coming out with my new time-travel powers to the President or even my father. For now only Percy, Mihaela, Luis, Pfister, and Rutherford know. I don't wish to become that which the Government was using Percy, in the time leading up to the Eldridge event, for.

Can Major Rutherford keep my secret? Only time will tell.


robm1171 said...


Awww, chica. Da major, he's more in touch wit' da govermen', y'know? An' wha's this 'bout da govermen' wantin' to change history? Dat why this Percy dude sent his people back? I tell you what, if Percy steps up and answers fo' his crimes, he'd be easier to believe. I don' think dis cure comes wit'out a price, y'know? But gracias, chica, fo' commin back and gettin' our asses

James said...

(Jessie) Crimes...? HIS Crimes...? You have the wrong idea about Percy. We have all taken orders and carried them out. The only thing he regrets is withholding information from the Government- information that would surely had been abused. It was also something that could have saved lives.

No... Luis, nothing was asked in return. My 'cure' was freely given. His request was personal, simply because I am the only one thus far who can go back for these 'teams' whom the Government has yet to address.

Don said...

Might I remind you. You are still property of the US government and are required to act accordingly. Treason and desertion are not tolerated and will be met with deadly force. I will be reporting any and all activities that I am involved with.

James said...

(Jessie) No one owns me.

harrygoblin said...

(Pfister) I'm a little puzzled as to how you take responsibility for me. What did I do? As far as the gaffe with the null-disc, that was our plan, not just yours. And while the very temporary loss of power gave pause for caution, it had almost no effect on my prowess in hand to hand combat - that is almost all natural physical training. When the entropy engine exploded and I was sucked in, that was my failed saving throw and had nothing to do with anything you did or did not do. I'm here because I want to be. And if, for some reason, YOU were not there, I still would have been. The Egyptians were there because they hate America, and those who live here, not because of some hinted at fault of our government. And unless I'm mistaken, Percy sent 6 teams back because he thought he should, not because America thought he should. So it seems he DOES want to change history, and has tried to. You didn't even ask him what he sent the teams back to try to do in the first place.

There are more members than the major who think that our government should know about what has happened. And as far as " YOUR secret" is concerned you had no problem telling Percy my name before I met him. But maybe you thought that was your secret too.

Your brooding depression and flip-flopping are getting troublesome. It is not all about Jessie, or Supernova, whichever one you are.