Friday, April 4, 2008

Well it seems we are all ready to get to the next step of our plan. Oh wait. What's the plan again? Oh yeah. The 7 o'clock train to Boston.What are we gonna ask? What do we wanna know?
I'd like to establish Percy as either a covert ally who likes our work but not our boss, or a rival whom we must plan on dealing with in our future endeavors. I'm okay with either situation, or even one somewhere in the middle, but I feel a need to establish what his place is in regard to us.
I'd like to know how many people have been recruited to teams or organizations by him. Along those lines, I'd like to know if he has established more than one office and where those would be.
I'd love to know what his feelings about Chance are now. I think that would reveal a lot about his character. I'd also listen to what he'd say of the president.
If his knowledge of timelight really does include insights to the reversal or nuetralization of the sickness from exposure to it, I'd like to challenge him to reveal those insights to the world medical community. If necessary, I'd be willing to begin negotiations with him to "purchase" such a release.
If Percy wants to remain his own man, or build his own "League of Supers", do we want to try to keep on friendly terms? Or is ours a join us or fight us approach to them? Even if we all have different opinions or answers to that, I think we need to know where the minds and hearts of our comrades lie.
Jessie. If he has a cure and he doesn't want share it, how does that sit with you? In any case, I will never judge you for gaurding your life. Obviously you need to survive these powers to help others through your service. Just don't be afraid to let us know what you want to do. I won't move against your search for the cure.
If we have time, I've recieved a message that my truck is finished in Area 51. I bet it's really nice!
And lastly , has any one seen Big Slick? I lost track of him after the fight with Big Trouble in Little China.


James said...

(Jessie) Who's to say he is not already 'curing' people. I think it would be against his scientific nature to hoard this valuable information from the world. But that's little girl thinking. The world is a big mean place and I'd like to have him as a covert ally. Sharing information on case-by-case basis would be good, but not as a 'boss'. I have a problem with taking orders from someone who keeps lifesaving technology to themselves.
If it comes down to it we'll steal whatever (or who ever) the 'cure' is and bring it to the masses.

harrygoblin said...

I wasn't referring to him as a boss. I meant "who likes our work, but doesn't like our boss". And truth be told, I would very much like to have him as a covert ally.

James said...

(Jessie) Big Slick give us the slip?

Russ said...

(Sam) I seriously doubt Percy will be willing to help us out, unless we turn on the government and go full blown rouge. If he had any intensions of sharing his cure with the public he would have come forward by now. They killed people at the university before we showed up. Pretty sure that makes them the bad guys not our allies. We killed one of his men, and captured another one what makes you think he is even going to talk with us? I am curious at what makes you think we can even approach him as an ally? We need someone “unknown” to make contact and go undercover.

I think he wants the city of gold, and is recruiting supers to help him hold it from our government. I would bet he doesn’t even have a cure. Even if he did would you accept an injection from someone who you just whipped the shit out of? He could just kill you that way without a fight. Remember Percy is smart don’t you think he has some kind of screening process for people who call the web number? Video surveillance on the train would give him plenty of time to set up an ambush. I think from the moment we arrive at the train station it’s on.

I will try to follow the lead of who ever is running this OP but I won’t walk blindly into a trap hosted by someone I have already dubbed the criminal mastermind.

harrygoblin said...

I must admit to feeling just as suspicious towards Percy. I don't believe he has a cure, but I believe he wants to know about us as much as we do him. All that aside, I think Sam is 100% right about one thing. We NEED a leader in our group to decide the what missions are priority. Increasingly we are paralyzed by one or more of us having personal issues about our work, myself included.Of the four of us left, maybe we should decide on a captain.

robm1171 said...

4? Whoa, homes. There's FIVE now. And remember, I was runnin' my crew for awhile... until they went off wit' out me and got smacked. I throw my hat in to run this here outfit

Russ said...

Well out of the four of us.

New guy is out. Just don’t trust you yet unless you’re cooking on taco night.

Jessie is used to following orders, sorry sweetie it’s the way the military has programmed you. Plus facing her own death has kind of freaked her out a little bit.

And I am too much of an anti authority, opinionated, violent, self centered, egotistical, greedy, paranoid, loose cannon with no regard for anyone else’s opinion kind of guy.

So I guess that leaves the Pfister, which is my vote. I believe you would think with your head and not follow your emotions which is the problem with the rest of us. Just don’t come down to hard on me when I frequently break the rules to do what I think is best for the team. Or when my anger gets the best of me and run off after someone instead of sticking to the plan.

harrygoblin said...

Ummmm... This is the first Ive heard of taco night, but I am in full support of it and recommend wednesdays.