Friday, April 18, 2008

Have we lost another one?

(SAM) I don’t know what treatment Percy gave you, but you are seriously F***ED UP. Here are a few of your comments before the “cure”.

“When I am confronted to threats of National Security and the President comes to call: It is Supernova who answers.”

“I vaguely hear the Pfister proudly affirm his dedication for the good of his country and liberty. Too weak to speak so fervently, I too am honored to serve in this capacity.”

(Jessie) I'm glad I'm a field agent. Not one of the ones that are greeted by 'lab coats or soldiers'.

And after the “cure

I do NOT plan on coming out with my new time-travel powers to the President or even my father.

You have the wrong idea about Percy. The only thing he regrets is withholding information from the Government-

(Jessie) No one owns me.

This goes to show you how you are being manipulated. There was a price for that cure, you just don't realize it. The best con men in the world make it seem like it’s your idea to give them your money. You didn’t volunteer for anything your just so used to taking orders that you’re failing to look at the source. Now you have sided yourself with a man who "quit" us as a country, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As for me my refusal to participate was not blind. You went from the most loyal and patriotic member of our group to inches away from treason over night. Don’t you think there is a reason for alarm and suspicion, of course you don’t you have been brainwashed. I would hope your next step is back to area 51 for another psychological exam and some lab test. If you still want to try and help people letting Chance run some test on you would be a good start. If you are cured he could learn something from your blood work, if you’re under control it would show up on your psych test.

On your way to wherever you’re going next maybe you could ask yourself a few questions.

Why did Percy’s men kill the college students? And don't give me that lame he didn't know answer he gave the orders there... it was his decision.
Why is Masimoto ( I forgot his name ) funding him? A business man doesn’t spend millions of dollars with no return on investment. You know his interest isn't helping our country.
Why did Percy send men back in time in the first place? That's not a vacation trip or a weekend get away, they had a mission and bet that wasen't in the "country's" best interest either. It would seem Percy is the most experienced in the world when it comes to timelight. I seriously dout he left our government for moral reasons, he would do the most good helping the country in area 51. Not on a boat in the ocean working for a private investor. Something stinks here I hope it’s not to late for you to realize that.


James (as Jessie) said...

(James) Nice pic!

James (as Jessie) said...

(Jessie) You have lost no one. I have not gone 'rogue' nor AWOL. We all have our parts to play in these trying times, I know my role and what I can do to help people. I'm talking about lives here!

Sam, you know that your past is not your own. Wouldn't you like to correct it? There are things you don't remember- and you said yourself that the Government has altered you (perhaps all of us).

Sam it was you who said: "They will use you until you have nothing left then throw your name on a plaque as a forgotten “hero" . Take my advice, do what you can to help yourself, then if you feel guilty about it do a few good deeds. Your death won’t do anyone any good… especially you."

My choice to not come clean to the Government about my time-travel powers is just what you said: they will use me until I have nothing left.

There are people out there Sam, in the past who deserve to come home.

But make no mistake (Looking at Rutherford); I will continue to serve in the same capacity I have been since the start of these disastrous times. I am not a mindless entity, blindly serving the Government who knows no remorse.

Walking fine lines is what I've done all my life, in the cockpit and with my family.

"...if you feel guilty about it do a few good deeds." Sam, it's what I've been trying to do all along.

If is makes you feel better, I didn't 'sign-on' with Percy or his crew- I only sympathized because I too lost team members.

I'd do the same for you; Government or no.