Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Advice for a friend in need

(SAM) I think your finally starting to get it Jess. The government we serve is not a black and white entity. There are so many shades of gray the true black or white doesn’t even exist anymore. As long as the people in charge save face and continue making money nothing else matters.
The military uses the chain of command as a tool to avoid questions from the lower ranking soldiers who have yet to be brainwashed by the very beliefs they swore to defend. They will use you until you have nothing left then throw your name on a plaque as a forgotten “hero" . Take my advice, do what you can to help yourself, then if you feel guilty about it do a few good deeds. Your death won’t do anyone any good…especially you.
Remember our first test mission, destroying the evidence of that bomb proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our government takes my point of view over yours.
Do what ever it takes…period. Your father (though a great man) passed a sense of morels on to you not suited for this era. Honor and loyalty have moved on and made room for efficiency and effectiveness.
If you want to pursue a cure just know I am here to help you how ever I can. Just ask yourself what would Paul do?
(Russ) I love being the guy kicked out of the military! I just get to spread the hatred.

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