Friday, April 4, 2008

Latino Power

So ok, ya wanna know who I am, huh? Mi namo Luis Ramirez. I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, don' know who my pops was. Mom did her best. When I turned 12, I started in wit' El Diablos. We were a gang, sure, but we didn' run no drugs or ho's or guns. We kep' our streets clean, an' that includes keeping the Chinks, the Reds and the 'Gyptians out. Period. I was a lil' smarter, so's they would send me to talk, y'know? We'd try peace first, y'know? If they didn' back off, well, shit's on and we made 'em back off. I gots nicked, I was straight set up, y'know? I didn' kill THAT Red, but they said I did and so's I got time. I did a year and about a half 'fore I got these powers. All that time, I kept my nose clean, didn' start nuthin' inside, y'know? I wasn't alone, either. Seems a few innocent people got sent in wit' me. We took to hangin' out, watchin' each other's backs. An', funny 'nough, we gots powers. We weren't the only ones though, and when the ones wit' a beef to pick tried takin' over the pen, we stepped up and put 'em down. That was where the Unknowns started. The warden knew we was innocent, and knew we coulda put him down just as easy, so's he lets us go, see? On th' outside, we just started up again, putting down people who used their powers to rule, y'know? We were a good crew, we was tight. Ain't nobody better than the Unknowns. But they ain't unknown to me


harrygoblin said...

Very cool. Nice to meet you Luis. men of your character are not only rare but sorely needed. Let me offer my condolences for the brothers you lost.You see, we too value teamwork and trust, and feel that those who can must step up to ensure that abusive and corrupt people are shown what happens when lines are crossed. I hope we can be partners in putting these powers to beneficial needs. In any case, its good meet people who feel like I do.

James said...

(Jessie) Amigo, the 'hood' just got bigger. Glad to have ya along.

Russ said...

(SAM) First off, what the hell did you just say? So if I hear you correctly you joined the girl scouts and asked people to stop beating you up? Did you help old ladies across the street in your spare time? Sounds like a bunch of bull to me. I fought off tons of gang punks like you in Brooklyn, none of them wanted to talk about it first. Oh yea, and everyone I ever met in prison was innocent to. Good thing they let you out or you might have had to throw your cookies at them; thin mints are my favorite do you still sell those? We have been dealing with some tough shit lately so you should probably stay back and whip up some cupcakes or something so you don’t get killed.