Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Currency of The Gods

Audry Lanchester
Audry Lanchester, Ironsister and matriarch of the Black Lord’s Altar, found herself among the thralls of Zhentarim soldiers and spectators who had gathered around a side arena away from the main obstacles of the Proving Grounds. No one seemed to pay her any heed during her prerituals as Braidwood and Havaok stood nose to nose their mouths moving as they exchanged insults heightening the tension between the two antipaladins.

One, a storm cloud of primordial evil from Mulmaster and the other, a contemporary tyrant of the old ways from Zhentil Keep. It was no wonder she favored the tyrant, an adherent of the Lord Bane. 

Audry brought forth a yellow jewel wrapped in copper thread and held it in accordance with the ritual and waited repeating the words of power. The chant of the crowd drowned out her words as well as the combatants verbal exchange, but all that soon turned to blood and gore. 

At first it looked like Braidwood would win drawing first blood following up with a strike that had Havaok reeling, but Havaok came with a vengeance striking back several times and finally taking advantage of Braidwoods critical mistake that cost the antipaladin his weapon, Havaok beheaded the storm cloud Braidwood in grotesque fashion.

The feeling was exquisite, better than the greatest of physical pleasures, as the spell was completed. Audry slowly opened her eyes, oblivious to the excitement around her, and looked to the yellow jewel and the tiny light now encased within- Braidwood’s poor unfortunate soul.

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