Thursday, April 13, 2017

Terror on Thorncliffe Trail

Anders agreed by repeating Clemons’ assessment, “It could take a team of orogs a week to clear all this out.”

Piled before the trio of Zhentish surveyors was a huge slope of clumped snow and broken timber that thoroughly blocked the trail out of the Dragonspine Mountains. The smell of splintered spruces and firs peppered the air with its distinctive aroma as overhead birds flew in all directions, still disorientated from the shock of the meteor impact.

“Is there no other way around?” Came the next question but before someone could answer, “Look there.” Burns, the brutish master of the obvious said as he pointed and clumsily drew his weapon.

“What in hell?” Clemons asked.

Along the hillside were four individuals run-climbing up the wild scruff towards them. Clemons reached for his crossbow, notching a bolt in one impressive move and sighted on the nearest unidentified individual.

Anders marveled at their endurance because it did not look like they were tiring as the four seem to move with supernatural tenacity.  They were closer now; Anders could see they were each uniformly dressed in tightly wrapped clothing. Men in all black with helms who made them easy to see against the pale white snow.

Almost upon them now Clemons voiced a warning, “Halt! Identify yourself in the name of the Ministry.”

“yea!” Burns agreed.

Anders cringed at the mention of the Ministry, but on they came climbing through the deep snow. Clemons loosed his bolt catching the trailing individual in the shoulder; it did not slow him down.

Sudden realization struck Anders as he remembered working a late night duty for Heathyard herding undying zombies away from the eyes of the Ministry. The zombies have somehow gotten loose after the comet impact Anders surmised as he stabbed Burns in the back with his dagger and looked to Clemons.

“Let us make haste back to Hawkehelm,” Anders said to Clemons as they left Burns to die by the vicious flesh eating undying zombies. 

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