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Session 4: The Ministry Funeral

The Roommates arrive at Bridgeton only to discover that the Brothers of the Forge is closed for the night with Cam Bolton at the Copper Calf and Brisbane out on a date.  A local going by Topknot informs us that someone was looking for us and after getting a description from Topknot of the brutish looking figure, Trebek warns the partythat Nash is Rutledge’s brother and has reason to be angry with him.   While Trebek and Topknot talked Dylan notices that several members of the Seminary of Adepts were gathering in reverence over a litter.  Soon a couple of Adepts approached asking for pall bearers. Intrigued, Ravenshadow and Trebek offered their services and bearing the dead to the graveyard outside Bridgeton.  The burial ceremony for the Ministry ended with the ashes of the fallen adept being added to a metal base that would be used in the creation of an intelligent shield christened the Shield of Dambeth.  Witnessing the ceremony reveals a means of sacrifice to Ravenshadow that makes him believe he can utilize soulstones to previously unavailable magic.  
While the ceremony took place, the remaining roommates split up along the way to the Copper Calf.  Before departing, they spoke with Ringult Hornhelm a Geologist and several merchants including Aroura Tenloss who was there to appraise treasures the Ministry has obtained during the inquisition.  During these discussions, Ringult let slip the outlandish claim that he believes the Ministry has Elminster’s soul in its possession.

The Roommates arrive at the Copper Calf over the next several hours.  Ravenshadow, Trebek, and Dylan are the last to arrive and look a little worse for wear.  Just outside the graveyard, after the ceremony, Lucas passed by a gravestone with HIS name on it that promptly opened beneath the trio.  While Lucas and Trebek could jump clear of the opening grave, Ravenshadow fell into a grave lined with spikes that was quickly closing.  Ravenshadow was gravely wounded (pun intended) owing his life to the quick-thinking actions of Lucas who saved him while Trebek struggled with rope.  Once freed and restored to health via magical potion, the gravestone’s name had changed from Lucas to Shenston Shadowhand, a petty criminal from the area who was buried alive as punishment.
Once all were gathered at the Copper Calf, the characters take advantage of the food and drink awaiting Havaok’s midnight meeting.  Lucas confides with them about his missing father who he believes was taken.  They discuss what the next steps could be towards discovering his father’s fat when Heathyard the Orag handler a man even larger than Nash, arrives looking for Trebek.  He informs Dylan and Trebek about Rutledge’s order that they assist Heathyard with some Zombie herding and are told to arrive at the Heartsman’s club at midnight.  Their work proved far more interesting to Trebek than his previous penance, though Dylan was upset to get roped into Trebek’s punishment.  Dylan and Trebek learned the zombies were especially valuable trophy’s, tougher than normal, they were the fallen ninjas and assassin followers of Myrkul. 

While Dylan and Trebek ran herd on zombie, Havaok and a hidden Ravenshadow met on the roof with a cloaked woman soon revealed to be the beautiful Audrey Lanchester of Mulmaster.  Her visit was a political one, where she provided Havaok a rare book of anti-paladin spells entitled The Book of 9 Dooms.  Audrey expressed interest in supporting Havaok’s rise to power as she favors the Old church of Bane over the Ministry and its candidate Braidwood.  She explains that the Ministry worships a collective of deities and not just Bane. She cautions the young Anti-Paladin that his rise to power must seem, if not actually be legitimate. 
Lucas remains in the Copper Calf, discussing with Cam Bolton the repair of magical leather armor and the desire to trade for chainmail that Havaok can wear.  When Lucas describes the Lamassu imagery on the leather he learns that it belongs to a cavalier order.

The next morning the Roommates depart leaving Dylan alone to receive a delivery from Ampherd which turns out to be the groups reward, 4 magical Sipping Jackets along with 2000 in gold.  Dylan decides to inform the party of their good luck, sharing the jackets and 100 gold for each of the other roomies.  Havaok and Ravenshadow meet with Dorsha so that Havaok can inform her of his meeting with Audrey.

Trebek spends his day in study and creation of inks for the scribing of scrolls.  His study of the Books of Nis lead to the discovery of Cacodaemon with the ability to create a Soulstone.

After their daily business, the Roommates meet in Bridgeton at the Brothers of the Forge where they trade armor and get an agreement to repair the leather while removing the Lamassu imagery, putting 300 gp down for the job.  Brisbane supplies the Roommates with his last 3 oils of magic weapon. Cam Bolton conspires with Havaok to taint the Silverell with the blood of a lycanthrope or a beast of Malar and weaken Braidwood’s armor, a method that would not lead to any shame or fault with the Brothers of the Forge.  While discussing this the Roommates learn that Heathyard lost a couple of his Orogs to some of the Beast of Malar attacks.  

Seeing an opportunity for profit, the Roommates contact Heathyard again letting him know they were aware of the problem and prepared to act upon it.  After initially resisting admitting to the problem, Heathyard eventually concedes his need for help and offers a future favor should the Roommates prove successful in destroying the beasts. Upon securing his offer the Roommates leave for the Valley of Orogs on the hunt for the glossy black furred Beasts of Malar. 
Beast of Malar

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