Thursday, March 2, 2017

Session 3: The Peryton Caper

Our gang of Zhent Rookie Roomates pick up at the Brothers of the Forge, where Dylan notices a young woman hiding just outside, in a nook of the building. Trebek, curious about who is huddled in the nook, releases a small bit of magic noise to startle her, causing her to step forward.  The young woman is from the Copper Calf and is there to deliver a magical fabric to Havaok Umbrusk,  The fabric contained a divine scroll that the Anti-Paladin could learn and utilize against our enemies.  Havaok has indicated that the fabric also gave a time to meet, midnight atop the Copper Calf.

Moments later Trebek meets with Chase, a Zhent he had assisted the night before in the Copper Calf. Chase was impressed with Trebek's quick action and loyalty to Zhent causes.  Expressing a need for a Sorcerer, Chase offers Trebek a job with his band of Zhent agents travelling to Daggerdale.  Due to Trebek's most recent assignment to the Rookie Roommates he respectfully declines the invitation.

While the others are busy with messages and camaraderie, Ravenshadow has a vision of an empty Bridgeton colored by a drastically changed Skyline. He keeps his vision to himself but theorizes that his vision is possibly in the future and may reflect the shadow realm,

Soon after, the rookie roommates travel an hour to the Watchtower Path, along the horrific wall of Terror.  Soon after taking the Path the roommates come upon a fallen doe, barely alive with a bite taken from its neck.  Lucas, Dylan and Havaok approach the doe only to witness a baleful third eye open in the creatures flank.  Questioning their sanity they watch the eye float up and away disappearing into the scruff of the Mountains.  Havaok and Dylan seem to be greatly affected by this occurrence (4 points of Sanity Damage).

Arriving at the Watchtowers they had spied upon through the looking glass the day before, the roommates find the towers congested with sticks and broken supplies from the bunker.  Flying from behind the roommates and leading with their immense antlers, three Peryton's attack the Zhents some two hundred feet from the Watchtowers.  Rushing to the two towers, Lucas and Ravenshadow enter the southern tower and begin a hunt for the Peryton eggs the roommates are here to recover while Havaok, Dylan and Trebek attempt to fight off the strong magical beasts.

The battle proves dangerous and long with Dylan falling before being saved by one of their magical healing potions.  Havaok's mighty falchion proves to be the difference and the magical beasts are finally defeated.  The roommates had no time to recover from the battle however as stepping out from behind debris is the rapist Tinderbox along with 4 other Zhents,  two fighters, a rogue and ranger, demanding the rookies hand over the eggs.  Havaok would have none of their demands, taking the fight to them and crying out for the oracle Ravenshadow to destroy the eggs should we fall. Ravenshadow had his own idea and ran back to the Peryton's nest inside the tower and hid the eggs.

A long difficult battle ensued but in the end, the Roommates proved themselves to be rookies no more, slaying the three.  Havaok beheaded Tinderbox, placing his head among the eggs to be returned to Ampherd.  Trebek says several prayers over the bodies of the Zhents offering up their souls to Bane and feeling the touch of faith upon his shoulders. After a short rest and recovery of treasure, the Roommates return to Greyskull and the Citadel of the Raven where they meet with Ampherd who chuckles at the death of Tinderbox.  After compensating the Roommates, Ampherd requests their help as servants at his father's Nameday celebration the following evening.  We pick up the following session arriving in Bridgeton

Treasure Recoverd:
·         Treasure:  Ring of protection +1 (Russ) , pair of armbands  and a magic buffering cap crit to non lethal (Trebek), +1 studded leather with the broken condition image of a Lammasu upon it,  2 Cure light wounds, potion hide from animals, potion of hide from undead, potion of mage armor, potion of protection from chaos, potion of shield of faith +2, 3 Peryton Eggs
·         Tinderbox and his gang: Fighter 2 Chain Mail (Russ takes 1) , 2 Longswords (left behind), 2 light crossbows  , Ranger: Battle Axe, heavy crossbow (Russ) , studded leather, Rogue, Rapier, Light Crossbow, 2 daggers and studded leather
·         Tinder Box: MW Shortsword (Russ), +1 Chain Shirt (Rob), lotto potions as well as some other things. Multicolored glass bead Alchemist Item, Burglars Bracers (Tony), Goblin Fire Drum (Butch), MW Light Crossbow (Tony), Potion of Barkskin +2, Potion of Blur, 6 Potions of Cure Light Wounds, 3 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Darkvision, 2 Potions of Resist Fire 10, 2 Potions of Shield of Faith +2, 2 Potions of Spider Climb, Potion of Undetectable Alignment (restricted by church), 6 Stat Potions, Sipping Jacket potion locked and loaded cure serious.

·         Ravenshadow has taken a skull amulet in secret

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