Thursday, March 2, 2017

Never as good as the first time

Sure, most folks didn't remember much of the times before Godsfall, but there was life back then, back when Bane was the Overlord, and backbone of Zhent aspiration. This afternoon happened in such times.

It was a hot summer day, the end of a hot summer day, and most of the older teens had finished their days work.Dark, but not yet secretive, Ravenshadow splashed in the waters of the swift currents of the shallow river with his companions. With the Zhents, one had many companions or comrades but few friends. Although he had come to terms with his blackened withered arms (he was happy to let the story rest with a foolish mistakes in the family bread hearth), jokes and teasing still stung the 20 year old, and Thaddeus was drunk enough to not stop when enough was enough. Fuming, his heart blacker than his charred fingertips, Ravenshadow smiled thinly, responded with a joke of his own and retreated a little farther downstream, seeking refuge in solitude but not willing to give up the cool waters on this waning summer afternoon. As evening gathered, the shadows of hills and scant cliff sides grew long and deepened, and the summer breeze had its first hint of cooling effect. Thaddeus had drunk enough to annoy his comrades, and decided to seek out "Cinder-Ella" (he was really proud of his made up name of mockery) as he left the shallows to sleep off his enebriation. He found him standing in chest deep waters, calmed by a deep eddy not far from the banks, nestled in a deep shadow cast over by the hilly rise above him. Seeing him approach, The darkman thought quickly, and submerged to the bottom of the calm waters. Leering greedily as if he had already won, Thad dove under to pull him back up. In the shallow waters given over to deep shadow, Thad never saw the spell cast that he didn't resist, and he panicked when he couldn't pry his shadow from its spot on the riverbed. He did see Ravenshadow's gritted teeth when he brought the rock roughly down against his nose. Involuntarily Thad gasped in pain and his lungs took their first swallow of cool  stream waters. Reflexively they spasmed and coughed, which only served to fill his lungs further with the relieving cool waters on his last hot summer day. Ravenshadow calmly held his breath and kept his leering face only inches out the grasp of his first murder victim.
"B A N E !" was his triumphant yawp as rose above the surface of the water. He lifted his gaze from the corpse that bobbed merrily in the river current, lifted it to find a slender raven-haired comrade now walking from the bank to the calm shadowed pool. The river wasn't the only reason for her wetness and her breaths came hot, rushed, and uneven. He was mesmerized by the blackness in her eyes and the fullness of her breasts buoyed by the current. She licked her thick lips before she spoke.
"He deserved that." She breathed into his ear asshe climbed down onto his growing lap.neither said any more as they each claimed their first rewards as adults.

Sure, most folks didn't remember much before Godsfall. But Ravenshadow remembered it often.

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