Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Episode 5: Blood and The Beast of Malar

After securing an agreement with Heathyard, the Roommates travel to the Valley of Orogs, a short journey that brings them to the first tower guarding the valley.  Here the party meets with a couple of guards who indicate that some of the other guard towers have Malar worshiping guards. After Trebek gives the guardsman Harrigan a hard time they develop a camaraderie over shared smokes and the repair of a broken spyglass.  The guards agree to let the Roommates use the now repaired spyglass while in the valley and return it on departure.  Prior to heading into the valley, the Roommates go over what they have learned about the Orogs and are given some additional advice regarding a location in the valley the Orogs would not go.

Orog Valley Info:
1.       The Orc women are worse than the Orogs
2.       The Beast of Malar is in a section the Orogs would not go
3.       The towers on the far side of the valley are populated with Malar worshippers.
4.       The guards go around the valley, only entering the valley from the nearest tower to avoid travelling through the Orogs habitat

The Roommates decide to enter the valley directly and walk through.  They are soon being followed by several orc women and an Orog who is keeping an eye on them.  As the Roommates approach the area the Orogs would not go, Trebek makes the first of two fatal errors.  The young wizard/priest cast the spell Mage Armor and the Orog /Orcs 60 feet behind the Roommates notice and become agitated and angry.  Dylan, the only Roommate that speaks orc, informs the party of their threats.  Trebek then makes  his 2nd and final mistake.  He casts the sleep spell, and all the women around the Orog fall asleep.  The Orog is enraged, and can’t tell that the fallen women surrounding him are asleep and not dead.  He raises his weapon to the sky and calls for all the orcs and Orogs of the Valley to attack. 

The Roommates rush to the “cave” where the beast is laired and the Orogs will not go.  The cave is poorly named as it is actually a narrow tunnel and only one of the Roommates can make their way inside the tunnel.  The rest of the Roommates are forced outside to face the Orc/Orog onslaught which was an unknown number of female orc archers firing flaming arrows (two of which pepper Ravenshadow) while five Orogs rush and attack each Roommate. The Roommates were horrified to discover that the Orogs would indeed go to this location and that the orc women were not worse than the ferocious  Orogs.  While the battle with the Orogs raged outside, a battle with the Beast of Malar continued inside the “cave”, with Dylan and Havaok switching off against the strange shape changing creature which in one form looked like a bat.
The Beast escapes but not before spilling enough blood from Havaok to collect and return to the Brothers of the Forge.  Alas the battle with the orcs fares badly for the party with both Ravenshadow and Trebek falling to the Orogs massive blades.  Before Dylan, Lucas, and Havaok can react, the orcs drag off the two fallen Roommates and Malar worshipping tower guards arrive to harass the surviving Roommates.  The enemy guardsmen are finally defeated and the non-Malar worshipping tower guardsmen express their gratitude by leading the survivors to the Orog encampment where their fallen members were taken.   Both sustained massive damage, only Trebek surviving his wounds thank to magical healing.   Trebek’s luck was not to last however as Havaok’s anger overtook him when he blamed the caster for the failure in the Valley, beheading Trebek with his mighty falchion before returning home. 

Items recovered:
Barbarian: Lg Magical Bastard Sword, Hide Armor Vicious animals, cloak magical, 1 potions of cure moderate, MW Longbow, 2 Javelins, Throwing Axe

Cleric: MW Scimitar, Heavy Wooden Shield, Light Crossbow, Magical Chain mail, Magical Cloak Zhent Resistance +1, Lesser Restoration Potion, Wand of Cure Light Wounds 50 Charges

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