Saturday, November 21, 2015

11/18/15 Virtues Session 27: KAZZAK!

KAZZAK! The crash was like a whip-crack in the air, filling the immediate area with a sound and a brief flash of brilliance.

Kyras paused and listened to whispers on the wind, not speech but more like the caress of air upon the druid conveying the elemental's intentions and knowledge. Kyras understood the language of air elementals at once.

Next to the druid, his companions ever watchful, began defensive preparations, but Kyras was not alarmed by this nor by the next two lighting strikes that followed.

KAZZAK! Above the electricity burn of the last lighting strike a man-sized elemental form addressed Kyras. While several of the druid’s companions could not understand all of the elemental language the creature used to communicate they could see the elemental’s form which Dramen later described what looked like an invisible man crackling with small jolts of electricity. Body language was shared as a common trait between the druid and elemental’s palaver.

The exchange lasted for a few moments Rydin, with the aid of his fabulous magical helm, was able to understand some but not all of their conversation, the helm had difficulties comprehending non-verbal communication. What Rydin did gather was… “yellow grizzly bones is where you left it… it hasn’t been disturbed.” A strange message, but before Rydin could understand anything further Kyras curtly broke from his talk with the elemental.

“I know where the second entrance to the Ways is,” and continued to walk the byways and avenues of Bouvet Keep to the dwarf temple leaving his confused friends not far behind.

We begin with our fleet escape from the rat-men hunters and their swine companions and to a unit of defensive guards stationed to protect the hospital. When asked, the guards explained that  two ‘other-worldly’ denizens/ demons had been sighted and that the guards were here in defense of the hospital. This prompts Dramen to cast a see invisibility disclosing to other guards unseen before; Syrendross maintains a message between the companions.

Making our way back to the dwarf temple to rest, Kyras is fast approached by an unlikely ally by the name of Kazzak. A stormcloud who has a connection to Jerit Macaugh and through a pact with a man named Lord Fulgur, sent Kazzak to aid Kyras while in Bouvet Keep as well as delivery of two messages. 1) ‘yellow grizzly bones is where you left it… it hasn’t been disturbed’ and 2) an answer, ‘the second entrance is in the bay.’ We later make it back to the dwarf temple whereby Kazzak monitors our rest and recovery from the long day.

During the night some of us were treated to dreams and some to revelations. The inquisitor and his brother will arrive in five days henceforth arriving with members of the Count’s Council. These traitors to Bouvaldia commonly use children, many red-haired, to disguise themselves. The driders from below the hospital acted and were valued companions in the battle the day before. Someone scryed on our fellowship, but thanks to Lapis Dolgrin was protected.

The next day we break our fast and inform the dwarves that we will no longer stay at the temple fearing for their safety before we eventually journey to the Bay. Once arrived Kyras sends Kazzak out to scout in the bay, but as he does so some of us notice various thugs, casually spaced apart carefully watching us. In the bay several ships as well as tug boats floated minding their own business but standing out were three naval ships with sailors attending to their assigned duties.

Just as some of us were making preparations against yon would be thugs Kazzak returns to Kyras with a spray of ocean water. Below the water’s surface two ship hulls have been converted and placed on either side of what was likely the entrance to the ways; it was guarded by sea monsters and aquatic elves.

Meanwhile several navy men see this odd exchange, depart from their vessels and accost our group. The man was in full uniform and introduced himself as Admiral Melandrach Olithir and after a few tense moments we introduced to his first mate Lerawy and his body guard Untruak and are invited back on his vessel under the pretense of routine discipline.

Syrendross make uneasy friends with Untruak and Dramen impresses everyone; but after six hours we had discovered another ally against the cult of Orcus. After a full disclosure of events (sans before coming to the Evening Isles) Admiral Olithir sends two messages after learning of the death of Tenebris.

Admiral Olithir is aware of the legends of the Ways and reveals that the ‘aquatic elves’ are actually aquatic drow and with the threat of Tenebris gone it was time to ‘take back the bay’. We are warned about a contract on Admiral Olithir’s life (assassin Anasia) as well as new information that Marlene is Carvanatos Tramore’s mother. The Admiral states he will be ready by noon the next day after he makes preparations.

The rest of the day is spent liquidating our excess equipment and arranging an overnight stay at a random tug boat where we begin next week’s session.

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