Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Admiral's Message

Count Idar Tan read the Admiral’s message again, tears welling in his eyes:
Count Idar Tan

Tenebris is dead, slain by a dwarven paladin and his elven companions.  These adventurers risked travelling the ways in an effort to warn Bouvet Keep of the Duke’s murder as well as the cult of conspirators behind the plot.  While I cannot risk writing down the names of those noblemen behind the plot my concern against naming them should certainly identify at least one of their number to you. We only have five days to prepare, I implore you and your men to come directly to my ship the Whalewood when you arrive in Bouvet Keep for the Coucil of Naming.

Count Idar Tan folded the note and tucked it inside his jacket.  If it was true that Tenebris was destroyed he may finally discover the fate of his daughter.  Choking back tears the Count called for his houseman, “Send word to Pergoyt that I require his arcane expertise, I need to travel quickly.”

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