Saturday, November 7, 2015

11/04/15 Virtues Session 25: I Break my Invisibility with Laughter

Syrendross could not see the fire blazing outside the crude underground structure he had dimensionally slid into, but knew the shelter would not last long. Outside and nearby the drow could hear his friend Rydin…

Taste the sting of my elven curved blade foul creature!” This broke Rydin's invisibility enchantments as he attacked his opponent, a humanoid trained and likely bred for deadly purpose.

Behind Rydin and further down the tunnel Dolgrin grunted, “Get out of the way ye durned elf!”

Syrendross could not hear Kyras, but sensed that he was doing all he could to get through the narrow passage. They were a large group, larger still after the arrival of the Hound Archon who, up until now, was the only visible opponent.

The drow again took a dimensional shift up and back out of the dual walls of fire; he took aim at one of the walls to dispel the closest one to his friends and failed.

Somewhere on the battle field Syrendross’ keen elf ears could hear the jovial laughter of Dramen; the sound brought with it a memory from Shar of the time Smendric at one crucial moment broke an invisibility spell with laughter.  

We begin this week’s session traveling back to the Dwarf Temple in Embassy Mountain; taking a circuitous route we were able to lose the men following us. Kyras was able to feel the change in the demeanor of the folk almost immediately in light of the Duke’s death. This gave us a measure of distraction as we traveled from place to place. Syrendross, continuing his study of runes and symbols of the vast keep, found a drow highway markers high up as if spiders or driders were traveling to some, as yet unknown to him, location.

Catching up to Rydin’s menial task followers the elf aptly spotted a man with a keen eye on our movements; the individual was very evasive never allowing Rydin a good look at him.

At the Dwarf Temple we find them in full response to the tragedy, caves were utilized for many of the Duke’s loyalists and the doors to the armory had been thrown wide. Many of the fifty we saved from Tenebris consist of varying people and skills with less than a score being card carrying swordsmen.

3PM We meet with Larson and explain his reason for being here and how we came to know the details of the Duke’s betrayal, the Count, his brother the Inquisitor and Orcus. We also mention the Dwarf Temple as allies; Larson agrees to aid us.

We arrange through the black marketer elf Voran (favors the Elven Pantheon) who claims to know a guy; a transmuter by the name of Ghauste Rakwar who services and supports gladiators. Several men present are taken aback because Voran revealed his source. We arrange with Voran to meet with Ghauste for dinner later at Stranger Peaks that day- Myrr’s Tavern, Cloudhome (between two ram’s horns).
The reason for the meeting was to obtain a scroll of locate object to use in the castle to perhaps find the new Black Hawk symbol which we find out that this new ‘unit’ is part of the wizard Ralikanthae’s assets. We are cautioned to bring a gift of morning to the Castle when going there. One of Rydin’s followers mentions a third floor balcony and were to find another contact once inside the Castle.

It was when we turned our energies on metamagic components that we realized the Midwife Fumi Laumstaucher could be the one orchestrating everything. Her position as midwife and the ‘Laumstaucher method’, the odd black hawk birthmarks on several men to who turned out to be evil later on, as well as her long career makes her at least a person of interest. We seek out her hospital at Praecipium Mountain, Skyhigh.

Once there several clues jumped out at us, Syrendross finds more drow markings this time a safehouse glyph as well as a decorative stone with a large Black Hawk emblazoned upon it. Dramen casts a locate object as we enter the hospital. With several choices before us we find a directory and quickly agree that Near Earth, where one finds herbal remedies and alchemical items, is where to start looking.

Syrendross turns everyone invisible with a wand as we travel to the lower levels. Once there we find dirt floors and Dolgrin, a line of evil folks heading in the same direction. We then quickly come to the Mortician’s were we find baby coffins and cadavers. We find a door. Each of us make preparations to bring the fight to them!

We are awarded 1,200 xp and begin next session at the beginning of round three against denizens from the city of Brass, driders, and other unknown enemies of virtue. 


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