Friday, November 13, 2015

11/11/15 Virtues Session 26: Widowed

Marlene knew the moment her husband Sakor died even if she wasn’t there to see it. The low green glow of her wedding band went out just as she appeared at the Cloudhome side of the hospital’s spiral staircase.  Marlene and Sakor’s wedding bands enchantment was such that the light would only falter upon one of their deaths.  Marlene’s breath left her, confusion and fear gripping her rapidly firing thoughts, “How could Sakor have fallen so quickly, why didn’t he simply speak the word of travelling and return home as she did? Was his soul truly claimed? Was she in danger? Did Sakor ever suspect?” The suddenly widowed necromancer maintained her emotion, quickly moving past several people she had surprised by her magical appearance at the top of the stairs.  For a moment she questioned who she would warn first, her son or Ralikanthae.  It only took the necromancer a moment to realize that it only made sense to warn Ralik first, the Knight Protector could actually do something about the brazen attack.

We begin this week’s session with combat in the bowels of the hospital. The battle was well fought by the heroes (and cohorts) of Virtue, taxing the companions to their limits; good won over evil at this battle, but the war was still on going. After a couple of minutes of gathering valuables we avoid the swine herding rat-men, we pick up next week after leaving the hospital.

We find fifty coffins believed to be used for Larson and the others; spell books, scrolls and prayer books; a note in a Rul Traven’s spellbook promising an eased state of readiness once the Duke is at the wedding.. signed by Carvanatos Tramore; masterwork mortician’s tools, a silver unholy symbol, and (Ring of protection +2) ring bearing Orcus symbology; a broken Staff of Illusion from Miar Moshea ambassadors; as well as belongings of a prisoner, a cloak bearing an ‘emblem’, who was relocated to the wall.

(4) (post alteration from 5 suits) Halfplate +1
(4) Heavy steel shields +1 
(5) Longswords +1
(6) 25 gold black onyx gems
(6) Master work daggers
Amulet of mage craft
Chain shirt +2
Cloak of resistance +1
Headband of inspired wisdom +2
Headband of vast intellect +2
Heavy wooden shield +2
Human bane morning star +1
Master work cold iron dagger
Ring of counter spell (dispel magic)
Ring of protection +1
Wand of magic missiles CL3, 43 ch
Wand of Undefined 1st level, CL1, full

Wand of undefined 2nd level, CL3,full


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