Saturday, November 28, 2015

11/25/15 Virtues Session 28: The Trial Upon The Barge of War

Movement!” Kyras said from his watch post on the tugboat. The sun had come out of hiding to
illuminate barge-hands coming up from below, this just as activity from the docks begins anew.

From behind the druid, Dramen clamored up to the watch post. A light salty mist stung at his eyes as the wizard surveyed the bay.

I have a bad feeling about this.” Dramen said with a smile that looked sincere.

Don't be so dramatic to Kyras you know he misinterprets your musings Dramen,” Syrendross said from the shadows just outside the rays of sunshine piercing the tugboat’s cabin.

If we were on land Lapis could tell us how many we were dealing with, I fear his connection with the earth during our trial will be diminished.” Dolgrin said forlornly.

Its just about time, thirty minutes so get ready.” Rydin said enthusiastically as he stretched his legs and arms for his elven spell dancing.

Syrendross, tell the boat captain to be ready to move.” Rydin remarked between breaths as he vigorously twisted his torso left and then right.

What? There’s a captain?” Syrendross said with honest sincerity. “I thought we would just ram the…”

I have this.” Kyras said suddenly breaking the cross conversation and produced a squealing weasel from deep in his druid pocket.

What is it time to eat?” Dolgrin said hungrily eyeing the thrashing animal.

No you fool. I will send it to yon barge to count the different scents, that will tell us approximately how many advisories we could run into.” The druid said with his own brand of sincerity.

This was only met with silence from Dolgrin, Dramen, and Kyras who stopped his dance in mid pirouette. The tugboat swayed listlessly for a brief time before a start from above deck broke the silence…

“Hey there IS a captain!”

We begin the session the morning on the tug boat with a schedule wide open until the Admrial’s strike on the Sea drow. Agreeing to keep a profile as low as possible we stay upon the utilitarian vessel and keep a constant watch on our target- a barge roughly 175 long and 150 wide.

Boats scattered about filled their sails and when it was at last time to move, Captain Tugboat drove the inconspicuous tugboat closer to the barge allowing Dramen and Syrendross to magically travel everyone to the barge- near a large service crane. Much of what was seen on the barge was illusionary upon closer inspection; nevertheless we got the surprise on out opponents defeating them efficiently and destroying the temple of Orcus below the barge deck.

We took one prisoner and intuited that Ralikanthae has fled before our justice found him, he would visit his revenge at another time and another place. We also gained a 65,000 gp voucher from the Admiral, as well as 11,500 xp (80,000 xp total) and another mythic tier for 4th tier.

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