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12/02/15 Virtues Session 29: And the Taming of the Great Waterwall

You want to know about the Inquisitor? Oh yea, sure and I want to make sure I live long enough to not regret what you’d have me tell you.” Skelp said through black teeth that were sharpened to points. 

Behind the cultist Syrendross had a handful of the man’s black tangle of hair exposing Skelp’s neck to the dagger in Syrendross’ other slim hand. It was the dagger he had used to kill Bleem after discovering the taint in Bouvaldia, and the drow was ready to take another if deemed necessary.

We will remand him to Admiral Olithir,” Dolgrin said looking from the cultist to the vessels in the bay wondering where the Admiral was at this moment. With these words from his dwarven friend Syrendross released Skelp rudely to the rocky scree where he sprawled out gouging his head.

You will want to know what I know Drow elf,” Skelp said as he was beginning to laugh revealing his black teeth. “I know where Zaid Aclair will be tomorrow.”

We begin on a rock littered sandy shore about ten minutes after relieving the barge of its evil burden; darkness approaches suitable for low-light perception. We question our prisoner, Skelp who clearly wanted to live. Elsewhere in the bay snapping and breaking sounds echoed across the water reminding us that there was very likely still a battle to be fought and won.

Deeming it possible to teleport directly to Admiral Nelandrach Olithir’s attack vessel, when we arrived it was utter chaos as if the Ways had been breached. Thrashing about on the broken deck, as water rushed in, some of us were knocked prone or washed off the deck. Around the Admiral’s ships several more boats were being pulled from their berths toward the swirling and growing vortex.

After some tense moments we all eventually retreated into ‘rope tricks’ along with Admiral Nelandrach Olithir and 14 other survivors of various mixes where we rest for the next eight hours. During this time we see unfathomable swaths of debris being pulled down into the water below our extra-dimensional sanctuaries. Slowly the destruction ebbs and by the sixth hour the water finally seemed to calm, however a quick test showed that there was still a swirling current hiding below the tranquil surface.

The Admiral informs us of his battle, like using a water cannon poisoning water-breathing creatures, his attack was a surprise but fighting them in their natural environment and their adept ways of summoning aid was too much to overcome.

Day three (of five until the Inquisitor’s expected return). Upon exiting the rope tricks and making our way to the mountain pass we see that every ship, dock and boardwalk had been swept up and devoured into the vortex and presumably into the Ways. But that was not the greatest surprise- the Great Water Wall was gone and after some speculation it was intuited that the breach in the Ways and the Water Wall, created by the Evening Isles’ movement, reached equilibrium.

Elsewhere in Bouvet Keep, total lock-down, preparing for the worst many fled back to the mountain keeps. We break from the Admiral who takes Skelp to Hollow Mount where we may find him; but as he took Skelp we over hear him saying he knows where the inquisitor will be ‘tomorrow.’ We ask Admiral Olithir to leave any information he finds out to leave it as the Dwarf Temple. It was also made clear that these 14 survivors will be followers of Rydin or Dolgrin’s.

Carvanatos The Chief of Mad
7am. Invisible we teleport near the Duke’s Castle and into a climate of readiness and high alert; a mild chaos of unknowns in the wake of the erasure of the docks and the absence of the Water Wall. Dozens of Duke’s men cluster questioning witnesses and deeper into the castle, work rooms filled with scribes busy at water breathing scrolls and other preparatory measures. Deeper into the castle past the war room was the ‘politician’s room’ were we find the Chief of Staff Carvanatos Tramore, guards bearing the Hawk as well as two other individuals- Count Idar Tan, Pergoyt, and Countess Decara Zhaynd.

Kotri makes some observations and immediately does not trust the Countess and sees that the Hawk-guards recognize our group. Introductions all around as Kotri again notices a trap door, propped open under a table. We present ourselves and offer our help because it was us that ended the cultists on the barge and killed the bitch Marleen. Seeing his mother’s murders before him, Carvanatos could not contain his rage and ordered his men to destroy us.

We begin next session with it being on like honkey dong.  

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