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Bitter Manor Treasure (The End of Tragedy)

Rooms 6 Alchemy Labs, 1 Ballroom, 1 Barth, 10 Bedrooms, 4 Book Repositories, 1 Burial Ground, 5 Cells, 1 Ceremonial Room, 1 Common Room, 2 Courtyards, 1 Crypt, 2 Defensive Walls (stone), 6 Kitchens, 1 Nursery, 1 Office, 2 Secret Rooms (Passages), 3 Sitting Rooms, 4 Statues, 1 Storage, 2 Trophy Rooms, 3 Traps.
Cost to Create 595 Goods, 34 Influence, 590 Labor, 18 Magic (26,510 gp)
Notes: Roof collapsed (third floor damaged)

Calibans on the Road to Tragidore
(3) Hand Axe (6 gp), (6) Alchemist Fire (20 gp), (3) Tanglefoot bag (50 gp), Coins totaling 15 gp. (Sembian Coinage) (Alaric takes everything) 

The Grave Yard, Mausoleum and Manor House Bridge
Cloak of Resistance +1 (Cadthoronn), Icon of Aspects (Wendell), Bracers of Armor +1 (Alan), Falcon Cloak (Wendell), Scroll of charm person, floating disk, mage armor (x2), summon swarm, touch of the sea, true strike, unseen servant, urban grace; wand of cure light wounds (25 charges) (Cadthronn), wand of mirror image (10 charges) (Arne) as well as scrolls pertaining to and information on the Scarab of Nasadra. (Wendell takes potions and scrolls)

Tristeza House
Dulvan: +1 leather armor (Cadthronn), +1 short sword (Zadrian), +1 light crossbow )Wendell), whispering gloves (Zadrian), cats paws (Wendell), potion of protection from law, potion of invisibility, potion of endure elements, potion of bear's endurance, potion of cure light wounds (2). (Alan takes potions and scrolls)

Taergan Flinn: +1 chain shirt (Alaric), +1 dagger (Arne), headband of vast intelligence +2 (Zadrian), potion of resist fire 10, potion of undetectable alignment, Potion of mage armor, potion of blur, potion of protection from law, Potion of magic fang, potion of protection from chaos, wand of cure light wounds (25 charges) (Alaric), a weirding watch. (Alan takes potions and scrolls)

Tiller Merseine: mstrwk studded leather, mstrwk morningstar (Alaric), oil of magic weapon, oil of shillelagh, potion of enlarge person, potion of mage armor, potion of remove fear, wand of color spray (15 charges) (Alaric), assisting gloves(Arne potions/oils)

Franz Dorthin: mstrwk studded leather, mstrwk lt. mace, oil of magic weapon, oil of magic stone, potion of reduce person, potion of mage armor, potion of bear's endurance, wand of cure light wounds (24 charges) (Wendell), assisting gloves(Arne potions/oils)

Annabeth: Candle of Invocation, Deathglance Locket (Zadrian), Gorget of living whispers (Zadrian), (5)smoky gray Soul-gems. (Tolger Mann, Ina [The Jilted Bride to Be], Filus Berot [Former Mayor of Hope’s Hollow], and Milsa Meet) The Codex of Arnlaug (Cadthronn) and The Shield of Vladik.

Bright Evening Star (Cadthoronn)

A wide masterwork tapestry of green-and-gold silk; its design resembles a family tree of events and dates that illustrates Annabeth’s lies and daemonic influence since Tragidore’s founding.

10,000 gp

Caitrin Deveraux: Amulet of Grasping Souls
Eternal Youth
This thick volume contains the findings and experiments of Taergan Flinn, a frustrated and aging half-elf who, in his prime, was a brilliant alchemist and fearless adventurer. Afflicted with magical aging fifty years ago he searched for the secret of magically restored youth, enlisting apprentices to assist in his research documenting his discoveries.

The notebook reveals how Flinn first obsessed over magical paths to immortality; wanting something more permanent than expensive elixirs, and without the eternal commitment of undeath.

He experimented on ways to transfer consciousness from one body to another, and decided to use a group of calibans he discovered in the Verduran as test subjects. His first attempts to transfer consciousness completely failed. Thinking the problem was that the creatures were too dissimilar from himself, he tried altering their biology to better match his own; but all he managed to do was create a few dozen violent monstrous ‘clones’ of himself that were released into the wild.

Then about a year ago the notes take a stark turn as the fiend Annabeth, an erodaemon-a creature devoted to severing the bonds between friends or families, enticed Flinn with the secret of restoring his own youth in exchange for him betraying his former adventuring companions.

Eternal Youth now turn journal, recounts how Flinn saw Annabeth ‘the Woman’ among his friends and family during Rhoma’s wake after she died. The death broke Flinn’s resolve resulting in him accepting Annabeth’s offer which began the plotting of events leading to Moonfeast and his elaborate trap.

Saysera, a Venedaemon (the sandcloak thief) an outsider fanatical to the concept of death by magic was summarily brought in as to also aid in Flinn’s research.

In addition Eternal Youth details the secrets behind the creation of an Embalming Bear:
The bear carcass, taxidermy process, and armor for an embalming bear cost 900 gp in raw materials alone. In addition, the construct must be injected with 1,200 gp worth of special embalming fluid.
Embalming Bear
CL 8th; Price 18, 500 gp

Requirements: Craft Construct, animate objects, minor creation, creator must be caster level 8th; Skill Craft (taxidermy) DC 18; Cost 10,300 gp

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