Wednesday, April 22, 2015

04/15/15 Tragidore Session 7: Bitter Manor

Session began in the former Mayor’s home in Hope’s Hollow. After speaking with Lerral Armonde, the assumed Mayor who just returned to the area, she assured the group that she would try to rebuild the community as soon as she finds out who to trust.
On the journey back to Tragidore Arne was able to track the individual identified during the riot, the enthraller was using magical aid to hasten his retreat to the city. Along the way the group encountered a group of similar looking calibans who stopped at the cliff exactly where the jilted bride haunt was located. Getting the drop on the monsters the Tragidore heroes defeated the calibans, recovered some treasure and with Wendel taking the necessary dive down the cliff, destroyed the haunt.
In Tragidore the heroes went to Trinity church and introduce Bethany Solerer (incarnate) to Anna Pimm. Here the group also learned both Rantal and Verith were away to attend a religious retreat, Gideon Rasierik was resting/exhausted from scribing his books, and find also recovered a note from Igneous:
We received word that Taergan is being held against his will in the Verduran. We have set out to find him at a place called Bitter Manor at once. Please bring whatever you need and join us as soon as you can. Bring word of Dern’s safety with you. –Igneous.
With a blessing from Azuth, who in his wisdom granted you the ability prepare spells again before going north in the Verduran and along the River Ashaba to rescue the married couple, bring the alchemist Flinn to justice, and uncover the mystery behind the entity called Annabeth.

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