Tuesday, April 14, 2015

After the Stair

Vicarzo DeMarcain
Somehow this Stranger had fallen from challenging the stair with an aspect of envy to this post in the relatively new Zhentarium holding of DaggerdaleVicarzo DeMarcain had been chosen to be the new face of Beryl Mine.  Odd for a Stranger to be the public face of anything but it was important to the current Zhent leadership to utilize the trade lane they had opened with their conquering of Dagger Falls. Vicarzo DeMarcain was uniquely positioned to lead this new effort due to his talents with the Lycanthropes that populated the area near the mine.  The aspect of envy had left Vicarzo strangely charmed, enthralling to those under the curse of the moon.   When that “gift” was discovered, Lord Ferestian Halaster had sent Vicarzo to Daggerdale as his offering towards the capture of Daggerdale.
Dabraham Vistani
Vicarzo’s had assumed the identity and form of a murdered nobleman from the region, Dabraham Vistani, usurping the nobleman’s estate and wife Merasteel as well. Merasteel Vistani was a fascinating woman, she had seen through Vicarzo’s magical alterations of form, knowing that the Stranger was not her husband within hours of his attempted ruse.  To Vicarzo’s surprise she made it very clear that she no longer loved her husband and was quite pleased with the news of his death.

Merasteel Vistani

Merasteel Vistani simply wanted a seat at the table of new Zhentarium power in Daggerdale. The Lycanthrope collection under Vicarzo’s leadership proved to be a key factor in the Zhentarium success, allowing their agents to travel through areas of the dale that the locals were afraid to use.  Dabraham (Vicarzo) utilized his newly acquired estate to provide the Lycanthropic troops a staging ground while Merasteel utilized her divinations and devotions to Bane to aid them.  The very mine that Vicarzo had been “rewarded” with had been abandoned due to the were-creatures in the area, so the reopening was also meant to show the new Zhentarium leadership's power.

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