Friday, September 7, 2012

High Captain Taerl of Luskan

High Captain Taerl of Luskan studied the reports again hoping to see what wasn’t there. The Warlord sighed resignedly and reminded himself once again that war was expensive. Finances on hand were limited and while there were certainly spoils in war, items recovered in battle are usually dispersed among the victorious troops.
The High Captain rang the servant bell resting on his desk which brought the warlord’s manservant knocking on his study door within seconds. “Romney I need you to quietly find my brother Gavail , please do it quietly. Bring him through the servant’s entrance; I don’t want anyone to know. Tell him it’s in regards to his plan, he’ll understand what I’m referring to.” Taerl only looked up from his reports at Romney when he had finished speaking. Truth be told the warlord disliked looking at his manservant, his face had been horribly scarred, one eye always looking in one direction. If Romney felt any emotion the warlord had yet to see it but the manservant was excelled at his post, always quickly responding and resolving any chore given to him quickly and efficiently.

An hour later a ruffled, tired looking Gavail sat in front of his brother’s desk in the warlord’s private den. Taerl handed over his humidor of cigars and waited for his brother to gather his wits as Romney quietly exited. Gavail was already starting to smile, realizing his brother had chosen to go along with his plan to recover enough wealth to support the war, the cigar was the symbol of victory.
“You are certain on the veracity of these locations?” Taerl inquired, “You understand this will have to be unofficial, it’s the only way we can secure our positions after the war.” Exhaling the rich smoke Gavail sarcastically replied “Do you expect me to answer you differently today than I have before brother? You are certainly prudent and becoming skilled at the politics of your position! There is risk brother, but not for you, I’ll just have lost my six finest men.”

Taerl's smile slowly appeared as he replied, “Actually brother I have some changes and your risk is closer to twenty men! We have a greater need than I previously realized.” Ignoring his brother’s sudden blustering shocked response the warlord continued, “You will send a team each to the three lairs your research has uncovered and in return for their loyalty in returning the treasures to us, these adventurers will be made land owners with taxation authority.

All of Romney’s attention was currently focused on listening to the conversation inside the Warlord’s den. To all appearances the manservant stood near his master’s door waiting for the bell to sound and jump to the leader’s call. The assassin couldn’t hear everything the brothers were discussing but clearly heard Gavail say Azurem the Blue. Romney was so focused on the conversation he almost didn’t hear the bell that was suddenly rung from inside. Shaken from his focus, Romney quickly resumed character and entered the warlord’s chamber in his guise as manservant.

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