Sunday, September 16, 2012

Staying Connected

As the days passed with alarming alacrity the Seven Samular descendants nevertheless upheld their divine pacts with their followers and the city by warding off the dire-winter, being an icon of glory in a grey-gloom existance, and providing purgatorial services for the faithless who reach the clearing at the end of the path. Indeed it was, for some faithful of these divine vessels, a time of troubles. 

For Ord it was a period of soul-searching and a test of faith; In Waterdeep Orsos gathered his team of twelve and ventured north in search of his patriarch; for Sunmet a personal choice was made concerning the Fate-spinner over his oath against Set; and finally Teldicia, who reminded everyone of the glory of the Horselord and his pending return. But for the hundreds of other followers, they would akin the experience to speaking with someone who has drifted off in personal contemplation; a sensation of there, but distant as if in a day-dream.

For Arsten, Briar, and Kalina the bond of Ka-tet could not have been stronger; lending you conviction in your battle against the black-skull undead dragon and giving you vision into their perils during the Mid-Winter convergence:

It was Arsten who discovered Armult Tesper’s dead body in an attack on Castle Waterdeep. Death had revealed the creature for what it was. Arsten kept this information to all save Baerom who used it, in political fashion, to propel himself to First Knight. During the Midwinter swearing in, House Tesper moved aggressively upon House Thunderstaff as dragons continued their siege.

Reflected in the surface of the placid Moon Well in Amphail, Briar was shown an image of a great tree of titanic proportions: The Grandfather Tree. Seeing the great tree reminded Briar of Eva’s rituals of old; the act of stealing life force and magical capacity. Remembering how it was on the Feast of the Moon and that it was Briar’s Moon Well that was required in the ritual before. Briar knew that this tree is the location for Eva’s Greengrass ceremony and it was Briar's quest to find it.

Kalina continues to solidify her divine place in the Shadow Thief organization as its Matriarch, much the same as Tauron has for the Harpers. With uncessing ambition Kalina began to use doors opened by Damian with the hopes the drow could be potential followers. In due course they offered her the Aspect of Darkness in exchange for one Kalina held. Being agreeable Kalina quickly learned that not all drow are happy with this exchange. 

Over the next twenty-four hours the distant whispers of prayers rise and return to the steady but not burdensome rhyme of devotions; you begin their acknowledgements as easily as a subtle nod of your head. 

Making your way to River Keep and your mounts Damian begins to hear a prayer coming from close by in River Keep; Eva realizes who leads the new Fate Shrine in Waterdeep by way of the prayers to Eva; Bordane learns of Ord and Arnivon's escape in Luskan and their formation of a sect to the Brooding Lord; and Tauron feels the effects of a challenge wrought by the evil dragon of Mount Hotenow. 

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