Friday, September 14, 2012

Neverwinter Woods and Wide Earth

This forest seems to have a magical quality about it, or at least an air of mystic secrecy. The always-warm river flowing from the wood has its source deep under Mount Hotenow, a sleeping northern volcano home to fire elementals. The steep mountains north of Hotenow hide griffon lairs. These woods have never been logged by men. Neverwinter is feared and shunned by locals .and even today its depths are largely unknown. The woods are said to harbor fearsome creatures, and even orc hordes always go around the woods, never through them.

The Crags
Beset with frost-touched giants and trolls who live in the dead mines that brought men to the area.

Gauntlgrym is a large, underground city built by the dwarves of Delzoun for men in the early years of an amicable existence of dwarves, elves, and Samular's Kingdom in the North

This abbey of Helm Monks started as a single farm known as Helm’s Stead; however over the centuries it grown with its main buildings fortified against Uthgardt and monster attacks.

Mount Hotenow 
The volcanic Mount Hotenow is situated to the northeast of the city of Neverwinter deep in Neverwinter Wood. The active quality of the volcano warms the Neverwinter River to the point where it never freezes over, even in the heart of winter. Over history the volcano has acquired a reputation for attracting creatures of fire and flame including efreeti sultans, brass giants, and red dragons.

Morgur’s Mound
This sacred Uthgardt burial land is an altar mound shaped like a crude, long-necked, wingless dragon, the Uthgardt impression of the revered thunderbeast.

Tower of Twilight
To the west of Longsaddle, stands the Tower of Twilight; an enchanted tower that rises from an island in the middle of a small lake. It is invisible in sunlight, but as the light fades, the tower appears.

Wide Earth
In the North Wide Earth is a season when winter wanes and daylight begins to wax it’s warmth across the lands of men. In towns and cities nobles and common folk alike anticipate the coming of years end and to closing ones affairs. It is a somber time when individuals reflect on the year’s past ventures- both the mistakes and the successes and plans are set in motion business for the next year. Gods of rebirth, spring, life, and light are popular during this time. 

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