Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Bargemaster

Gaspon Peralia
Gaspon Peralia was not normally a patient half-orc.  Yet the elder Peralia had been patient,going so far as to enjoy some of the services the barge offered it’s clientele. The patron Peralia wisely waited until the noon meal when the revelry of the night before had finally worn off.  Luckily for Gaspon the patience he had practiced provided him the audience he so desperately sought with the Bargemaster at his feasting table.  Eleven other strangers were seated around the table, a strange collection of threatening men, one of which, a hill giant, was much too large for the room, sitting awkwardly with head bent and shoulders slumped.  After their meal was consumed and the women that were brought in were done with their pleasuring duties Gaspon was finally allowed to address The Bargemaster, a half dragon of unknown origin.

Gaspon, initially uncomfortable addressing the Bargemaster in front of the strangers stumbled relaying the beginning of his tale but soon grew comfortable relaying some of the problems his family had run into. Gaspon finished by describing the troublemakers and their alliance with the widowed pirate wives finishing with the arrest of his son Corker along with the acceptance of the pirate widows into the community of Surfton.  Gaspon’s description was met with nods of recognition from the strangers at the table which surprised the half-orc.
The Bargemaster
“Gaspon you were wise to bring your troubles to me. You and your son have been consistent providers of unique materials to the Barge and I’m disappointed to learn that our commerce has been interfered with.  Luckily for us, fate has provided us with another spellcaster capable of mastering the same magical crafting techniques as Vaigh Chek.  I’m going to send you along with some of my new friends here to look for a solution to our problems. Besides rescuing your son I want to make sure these instigators don’t bring the attention of the military to our small section of Bouvaldian’ coastline."