Saturday, August 22, 2015

08/19/15 Virtues Session 14: Lapis Uidisset

Lapis Uidisset
Kyras watched the Stone Lord Paladin in quiet fascination. The druid found a calmness at the slow
emergence of the Uidisset earth elemental. The creature responded to Dolgrin’s call like a hesitant but obedient dog, it had a deep expression in its face and gemstones for what Kyras guessed as its eyes.

One by one the companions woke, still a little fatigued from the battle with the carrion claws, to see the amazing elemental bond with its new master.

I remember you,” Dolgrin said between sobs, the emotion of returned memories had overtaken the battle hardened dwarf. “But when I last saw you Lapis you were but a pebble. Bha hahaha!

This is so sweet.” Dramen whispered to Syrendross who promptly kicked the red haired wizard's foot.

Dolgrin, please introduce us!” Rydin sincerely asked the now composed dwarf.

This old friend? May I introduce to you my friends Lapis Uidisset my faithful companion. His clan and my family have a long magical history.” Dolgrin said beaming with love and pride.

7 pm We begin our session leaving with the gnome Zhor Iendothe, the newly appointed River Baron, to hunt down the fugitives from the Fugitive. Dramen was the first to arrive to the stables to overhear Zhor “… haven’t been paid… please calm the nerves of the people… (a name) not to hit on local talent (a different name) no gambling… do you have your gear plus what we discussed? Yes. Keirkin and the Crown.”

As we travel into the night we learn Zhor has an interest in animal husbandry of horses and assures us we are traveling on the best. He shows us a map in case we get separated, there are two locations as we travel west toward the sea.

After an hour we enter a volcano torn landscape when we encounter two carrion claws. They come at us with claws and paralyzing attacks but we are for justice and justice cannot be so easily defeated. In the aftermath Zhor was seen scavenging creature parts for ‘trophy’s’ he says.

We decide to rest in an area of volcanic stones that provide cover and a good vantage point. During Dolgrin’s watch he called to the stone and the stone answered in the form of a companion- Lapis Uidisset. The creature’s clan had a deep history with Balder and therefore comes to Balder’s avatar in response. During the night Dolgrin learns Terran from Lapis.

Okala the twice captured
9am The next morning we are awakened by a giant walking through the blasted volcanic terrain. Fearing the horses may alert the giant to our presence, the druid properly calms the animals. Nice! The giant continues along his westerly meandering course.

9:05 we mount up, cutting across the land allowing us better speed. We soon however came across three of the fugitives we were looking for: Achl, Okala, and the hill giant Oughd. Again the heroes of Virtue prove victorious with the surrendering of Okala the summoner.

We gather valuables: 5,760 xp, +2 corrosive burst greatsword, bracers of armor +3, ring of the sublime, belt of teeth, +1 studded leather, wand of owls wisdom (40x), 6 potions of CMW, 6 potions of CLW, 6 potions of shield of faith +2, 3 potions of barkskin +2, masterwork cold iron machete, a mirror, and thieves tools.

We begin next session at 3pm entering Hillshade with our prisoner. 


Russ said...

The Summoner should be Okala (Steve Buscemi).

James Caruso said...

Fixed- thanks!