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07/29/15 Virtues Session 11: A Proper Sendoff

The stonelord paladin prayed to the pantheon of dwarf gods as he ceremoniously prepared and cleared his mind. It was purifying technique that allowed divine healing to flow unhindered as he laid hands on the three injured farmers.

Around the spectacle Syrendross watched the reactions of the people. They were farmers who were nomadic by necessity with the ever changing landscape. To some of them Dolgrin’s work was more than magic, it was a confirmation of a higher power. Young eyes looked upon the dwarf with awestruck wonder.

We must be going; the day waits for no one.” Denosia said looking north along their path.

Take these,” Rydin said to the men, now feeling much better after Dolgrin’s healing. As he spoke Rydin handed them a longbow and a scimitar, weapons captured in Surfton, “It will not replace your dead but will perhaps prevent more.”

Syrendross, watchful and pensive, left the farmers thinking to himself that these people will recover from their loss because of the children, they will grow to adults enlightened to the power of good and virtue.              

Our session begins with us present in Noel’s garden preparing to take Corker Peralia to Bouvet Keep. Many town folk, sans any Peralias, were in attendance to send us off including the grateful Widows- now of Surfton. Their assemblage not only showing us appreciation but also a concerted effort toward solidarity; our sendoff also brought a promise that we may bring word to Bouvet Keep in regards to the problems in and around Surfton.

Our trip estimates a fifty mile trip up the Macron Mountain range averaging ten miles of travel each day.

Equipped with a donkey from the town Syrendross attached a lead from Corker to the animal; as they departed the drow spotted a lone wyvern in the distance as well as a flicker of light, like a signal. Later Kyras discerned a disturbance, like a displacement in the balance of nature that rippled out across the foothills. We travel on.

Heading north Kyras encounters an aquatic fey who warns us, in its watery voice, of a creature in the air that takes out unspoken aggression on a local wyvern; the thin creature’s name was Umunia who also tell us of a freshwater well ahead near a broken bridge. It was about this time Syrendross discerned a light flash seen earlier was the wyvern’s lair.

Further along we encounter some survivalists who seem disinterested to our passing. However after Syrendross relayed a warning to a possible angry wyvern, we find that some of these people have items for sale and or trade; to which some of us pick up some items.

Next we find the broken bridge Umunia spoke of, on the other side of the river was a populated farm, but at the well were six sinister pirate-types also taking of the well. Our palaver with them was brief and tense. Dramen asked about settlements ahead by which they spoke cryptically of a shipwreck.

Rydin noticed no shared symbology with the six but did notice tattoo marking them as pirates as well as some of their equipment sporting the symbol of the Eye in its detailing. This inspired Rydin to tap in to his core personality, to which he was an avatar of, for Myrddin Og’s first-hand knowledge of the Eye. Powerbrokers, the Eye represents, but the insidious part of the organization was the divination power they possessed. We knew the six possessed magic and were evil but nevertheless we carry on.

A half-mile farther we encounter a small settlement as well as young men brandishing farming implements. After conversing with the young men and later the elders we intuit the six sinister pirates we spoke to at the well had just come through here plundering their wares, breaking their weapons, and murdering two. Taking pity on nomadic farmers we give them a longbow and a scimitar as Dolgrin lays on hands; to some of these folk it is a moment in time they will never forget.

After five hours of travel, Corker and the donkey intact, Dolgrin detects an evil presence in the air descending upon us; a fiendish black griffon with a natural camouflage. The mythic creature known as Karadoon had dominion over darkness but not over us as he was summarily defeated.

Syrendross sees the flickering light once again; certain the wyvern’s lair was close we begin to seek it out to eventually find an impressive owlbear. The creature did get the leaping deathstrike on Dramen but the owlbear too was defeated in a mythic display of badassery! I mean it felt like we were cheating…

We succeed at finding the wyvern’s lair, some treasure, six silver daggers, (distributed) and discover the stone about the cave was elementally touched and unique. We gather up the booty and travel until night time, we set up camp and notice we can just see the rise of the Macron Range and the constant mist we are soon to reach. 


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