Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Fugitive's Last Voyage

The Fugitive, a Bouvaldian prisoner transport cut through ocean waters choppy with the coming storm when the watcher in the crow’s nest called out a barge warning.  Captain Crof cursed his luck and the weather, ordering half sails while directing the course between the shore and the barge. The Captain hoped that the night would hide his maneuver and prevent the criminals aboard the barge from recognizing his ship, at least until they had passed. Captain Crof ordered his crew to work in silence, a tension settling over the ship.  Depending on who was aboard the barge was the luck that would determine if The Fugitive would sail quietly by in the night or enter into battle with unknown foes.  Captian Crof put his second in command, first mate Draib on the wheel, while he paced the deck of his ship calling out quiet words of encouragement to his battle hardened crew members.

Suddenly a dozen strange creatures, hunched-over wretches with long, pliable arms like tentacles capped with five spiny claws, appeared around the surprised crew. One of the creatures seized Captain Crof by the neck, the crew similarly attacked  Alas luck was not with the crew of The Fugitive this night.
Choker Brute
The battle would continue for some minutes before the crew was defeated and the summoned creatures disappeared. The ship sailed on, taken by ocean current before wrecking itself on a volcano torn beachhead.   The wreck freed a number of prisoners while several others drown.  The survivors of The Fugitive are as follows:

Achl Human Male, early 30’s, a Fighter/Rogue (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)

Roul Human Male Ferration, age unclear between 30 and 60, Rogue Pirate/Sorcerer (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)
Okala Half Elf Male young adult, a Master Summoner, (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)
Oughd Hill Giant Male Teen Barbarian

Ackirt Halfling Male in his 20’s, a swashbuckling Daring Infiltrator

Ite Human Male in his 40’s Brawler (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)
Ivesu Drow Male age unknown, a Fighting Cavern Sniper


Youp Human Male mid 30’s, Fighter Thief (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)

Quan Duergar Male, early 20’s, Monk, Gray Disciple
Tanll Asho Human Male, early 40’s, Bard Rogue (met at the well 400 yards west of 1st bridge)
Tanll Asho
Koult Elf Male, age unknown, Pact Wizard


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