Monday, April 22, 2013

Tales from Year's End (Deepwater Harbor)

Arveiaturace moved her mammoth shape smoothly and without disruption; she and the ocean were as one. Her scales of pale powder blue faded way to alabaster contrasted the sparkling luster of the ice she wore all around her like armor. Her eyes beheld the bright glint of cunning which is rare among white dragons; though this made her no less brutish or savage in heart.

Arveiaturace watched her ‘retinue’ carry out their commands; her deadly ice breath modified in the shape of a rampaging brute. With large crushing mace-like fists of ice they glided away from Arveiaturace, out of the sea waters, and towards the West Wall of Waterdeep. Moving with surprising speed the animated brutes skated up and down the mud flats threatening the integrity and security of the West Wall....

With the grace of a queen, Arveiaturace regularly swam the Sword Coast. She had earned her territory when she defeated the Kracken Slarkrethel of the Purple Rocks and assumed her mantle, assets, and position- such as it now was. Slarkrethel was once a leader of a secret information and spy network centered in Triboar and Yartar called the Kracken Society; but it collapsed after the Illithid Exodus.

Overhead along the surface of the waters where beyond is dark evening sky, Arveiaturace watches with interest as a single an ironclad warship left Deepwater Harbor. This was beyond advantageous, the harbor would be undefended! With the speed and agility of an eel, the dragon slithered through the opened harbor gate undetected.

Focusing her will she expanded her aura of terror as an act of supremacy, none dare challenge her- she earned her right to work her mischief here...

Looking up at the surface Arveiaturace counted forty-nine ships big enough and heavily seated in the waters to possibly carry siege weapons. She worked her magic cloaking her targets on the surface in a thick cloud of icy fog and then one by one she began to sabotage each ship...

A species of evil giddiness fell over the dragon when she recognized a mark on the bottom of the last vessel; it was the mark of the Society. On the underbelly of a ship where only Slarkrethel would be looking. Arveiaturace had agents to rival many clandestine groups in the North- including Auril in Luskan! She had agents in Waterdeep; however her hate, always simmering, overtook her and she burst from the Deepwater and into the Dock Ward in a deep furious rage. 

Using her wings and hindquarters for support on the buildings Arveiaturace used her hands and crushing tail to snatch surprised people and throw them as far as she could into the city. Legs snapped and spines contorted as warriors and commoners- running from the terrible white beast- were suddenly and violently jerked up and hurtled away. As her rage continued unabated several robed individuals, each richly enchanted to battle, bounded in with their one-league boots….
Across the ocean blue, me and you!
Was it wrong for Klarenden Eltorchul to anticipate to his advantage the dragon’s next attack? We know when they are coming, the problem is that Year’s End, Feast of the Moon, all the festivals are celebrated by every culture in the seven realms but different ways and the danger lies in where the other attack will also come from. He could not think of that now, Klarenden had his own personal struggle to deal with.

He needed to test his Staff of Fire before the Ascension; equivocating this conflict as dragons are sure to attack. Klarenden battled with this notion ever since the birth of his creation and now he has a chance. Using his magical boots to leap to the Dock Ward Klarenden Eltorchul looked behind him to see other mages also in mid-leap. The wind whipped his hair away from his focused eyes as he descended a rain of fire upon the white dragon below.

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