Monday, April 22, 2013

Years End at Heroes Garden

   The mood at Heroes Garden was resplendent. All of the faithful were aglow with the excitement of their lord, The Charging Knight, home at Waterdeep for the celestial holiday. By Friday morning at First service, one day before Years End, all their plans and preparations were complete. They were ready, one and all, to defend their Grounds, and follow Their Gypsy Lord when the dragons came again to wreak havoc upon the peoples of Waterdeep.

Teldicia has been in a state of enervated bliss. Serving her lords needs has replaced her need for sleep, achieving the same calmness of mind to prepare her daily rituals through lustful ministrations to her Lord. Overseeing the church, and by default the efforts of all its followers, she has kept up with the growing need to cure spoiled food and water, and has stockpiled/created 50 cure light wound potions.She also issued the command to prepare spells but not cast any, as previous holidays had shown there would be no rest this night.

Captain Arina and Fallon have worked closely together with the lieutenants to come up with a battle plan for saving as many lives as possible through careful placement of the troops and resources in Heroes Garden

Candace, stable master, oversaw the moving of all stock to other barns. Some barns are located at the edge of the gardens, while some are at other nobles' villas. The only horses within Heroes Garden are those serving as mounts. She has stayed at the temple with her three packs of hounds to help with guarding against unseen intruders.

Alegan of Waterdeep will guard the grounds immediately surrounding the tower. His platoon stands guard on horseback in groups of three, never closer than 80 feet apart.

Vataan Harpell and his platoon of cavaliers would break into groups of four and spread far out to the edges of the garden. Their job was to help followers and citizens that fell to the panic of the dragon flight and get them to safety.

Erradus Ilzimmer and his platoon of cavaliers oversaw the locations of the Tarm stables, and would stand ready to ride, whether it be to transfer messages at the request of their Lord, or to buttress troops somewhere in the north wards. Because of his influence, the Ilzimmer  had offered to shelter a large number of Tarm mounts.

Finally, Galoban had his own contribution. He had written an official church battle hymn, and taught it to every bard and musical student he had access to. Every group of warriors and priests called to service tonight would have with them and a bard to sound the battle hymn in glory to Tarm, and stave off the fear that the dragons relied upon so much.

When the first alarms sounded at 1:00 in the morning, no one in the heroes garden was shocked. When the Horselord appeared, and flushed out a dragon for the Samular god of thunder to sunder, no one was surprised. It was different this time. They were prepared. The Samulars were Home.

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