Friday, April 19, 2013

Tales from Years End (Halls of Hilmer)

In the later days of this harrowing week Kelson Thorn Jardeth worked with many people in the Castle Ward but none with as much ardor and devotion as with the collection of nineteen buildings that made up what he called “The Iron Block.” Named after Hilmer Kormallis and his armory/ smithy which has become a sanctuary of sorts during these Times of Troubles.

The hours of training sessions, not to mention previous dragon events, have seasoned fifty three of the Iron Block's commoners into capable warriors; and six into adepts who are trained to wear armor crafted Hilmer.

So when the Sea Ward alarm sounded, every individual in the Iron Block moved with practiced efficiency to protecting the homestead and the lives it sheltered.
Kelson moved to his vantage and waited as several uneasy minutes passed adding to the tension that came with impending attacks. Sounds of movement- horses galloping through the streets, heading north Kelson observes- but no great calamity befalls the city as far as he can tell.

An hour passes and Kelson takes first watch allowing everyone else to rest. The weather was becoming restless as if the seasons themselves fought on Waterdeep Mountain. Messages filtered in throughout the night; one said that at least a dozen 'icebergs' from the sea beached themselves, stood up and began to assail the Sea Ward Wall. And that the Waterdeep Ironclad Peacemaker departed Deepwater Harbor.

Kelson Jardeth looked out at Castle Waterdeep and thought of the swearing in to the Knights of the Firelance later today; a honor to serve the city and maintain his family’s name in the council of leadership. Then a quick shadow fell across one of the castle spires spurring Kelson into action. He leapt fearlessly out the window grabbing the eaves allowing him to spring up onto the roof. He looked to the sky at an angle to the moon light and…  there!

A cold fog had settled in the Castle Ward but Kelson could see a Wyvern with two giant snakes- one in each of its clawed feet. Kelson spotted where the wyvern intended to land so he sprung to his feet and ran over the easy peaks and patios atop the Iron Block.
He met the wyvern with a thunderous slash of his bastard sword smashing its brains in two. The two giant snakes recovered quickly and slithered around Kelson cutting off his escape. They writhed and lunged with their hoods opened menacingly, forked tongues darting in and out.

Kelson dropped his sword, tumbled and as he did he drew his own peacemaker and shot each giant snake in the head.

“It’s going to be a long night my friend.” Hilmer said after coming out to investigate the gunfire.

“You say ture,” Kelson answered reloading and then re holstering  “come let us leave the streets, we must send a message to the High Palaver about what has happened here.” 

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