Saturday, January 5, 2013

Manual of Dragons

Manual of Monsters (Dragons)
Aura: minor divination; CL: 3rd
Slot: —; Price: 2,450 gp; Weight: 5 lbs.
A manual of monsters is a heavy, hardbound tome of lore, with a hide cover and many pages of illustrations of vicious dragons, along with select lore about them.

Each manual of monsters gives information on a single dragon type (detailed below). If the wielder studies the manual for 15 minutes each day, for 24 hours he gains a +8 bonus to Knowledge checks made to identify creatures of that type and their powers and weaknesses. Each manual of monsters can be used for study only once each day—after that its words and illustrations blur into illegibility until 24 hours have passed.
Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Items, augury; Cost: 1,225 gp. (Source: Loot4Less 9)

These Samular relics were scripted, researched, and illustrated by Endrick Thunderstaff; each unique tome also features probable locations of the each dragon type, current to the time it was written.

(Black) The Evermoors
(Blue) Nether Mountains
(Brown) Greycloak Hills
(Gold) Hotenow Mountain
(Green) Turlang’s Wood
(Grey/Fang) The Lost Peaks
(Yellow) Neverwinter Wood

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