Saturday, January 19, 2013


The curious Melairkyn browsed nearly every map, book, and scroll within Maskado’s small but popular book shop. 

The dwarf had a sly and intelligent characteristic to him as he proved to be well read, rejecting no book or scroll on account of the language written or symbols used.

He appeared to be singularly interested in the local geography as well as trade practices of the cities and tribes of the north; paying careful attention to each book that referenced lands, terrain, climate, and any community or settlement.

One such book was a study into the origins of trade in Waterdeep and the North, this he purchased among other works while the Samular Tet researched and spoke with the Oghma scribes; finding in vain Netherese relics and scrolls-- spoils of Helm's Hold.

On his way out the Melaikyn dwarf stopped before of a board full of classifieds and notices. A single message, larger than any of its companions, it had an official look to it. The dwarf took obvious exception to  this one because—quick as a flash—he tore it down leaving behind no trace. As the dwarf performed this dexterous feat, the Samular Tet could see the word ‘Brightmantle’ deeply engraved in the dwarf’s only visible weapon-- a long barreled silver pistol.

Making sure his larceny went unnoticed the dwarf gathered his purchases, lit a cigarette, and entered the vivid and magnificent streets of Neverwinter. 

The Post:
Close the year and come to Neverwinter during Year’s End for the ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the NEW High Road to Waterdeep!

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