Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Sentinel and The Minstrel

The Sentinel followed the advancement of the laboring men and their marvelous work since they came into sight of the mountains weeks ago. They have since stopped their vigorous progress of construction in the shadow of Mount Galardrym

Sounds throughout the night indicate they have likely run afoul with the Forgebar tribes. Easy to offend the warrior tribes the Sentinel mused as he focused his attention for the appearance of the Minstrel. It was this song-maker that aroused his interest; the music was a language strong and powerful, and motivated the Sentinel to know more. Every morning the Minstrel's tones of inspiration would incite the builders throughout the day seemingly maximizing their construction. 

Curiosity was not solely his to claim, however; in the weeks preceding, the Sentinel found that the Minstrel provoked unpredictable reactions —most recently here before him, the ire sparked in the Forgebar tribes.

The Sentinel peered around surveying the great white North; it was cold, beautiful, and mysterious- full of life and death. Eventually the Sentinel rested his attention on the camped laborers as he again waited in anticipation for the Minstrel to appear. 


harrygoblin said...

Methinks I recognize the Minstrel. Does he not remind you of the great bard Jayson, who led us all in our performance at the Wands ceremony ? Last we heard of him he was travelling north to hasten the building of a road with his Lyre Of Building.

James Caruso said...

Did anyone notice the reflection in the shades is the same pic I posted in the one just before?

While on the internet I found a site that allowed you to upload a pic to be reflected.

I think that's nuts, but hey it was just the perfect touch to the post.

Gordzilla said...

Man I thought I was doing good to recognize Will Smith! LOL

harrygoblin said...

I noticed the reflection and could see the mountains, but I did not notice the road or recognize it as the same picture.

James Caruso said...

it served better than down town LA :)